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Can i use us dollar at hongkong airport?

Asked by sEventoRii (84points) June 11th, 2010

I’ll transfer at hongkong airport in a trip, and want to buy some alcohol. do i have to exchange some hkd or can just pay with us dollars or boa credit card? > <

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You should have no trouble using US dollars at the bars in the Hong Kong Airport.

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They’ll be happy to have your dollars. When you get your change, keep your hand out and they’ll give you some more because they’ll think you realized that they cheated you.

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Do you mean you want to buy a bottle in the Duty Free? Or just have a drink at the bar? I’ve never tried to pay with a currency other than what was local, but mainly, I just take out my card when I travel. I’ve discovered it knows many languages and automagically converts to what every currency I need. For drinks at the bar, I would think they would take just about any of the big currency. Pounds or Dollars or Euros…..

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Thanks guys. I mean to buy duty free goods. Sorry for the confusion

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No problem at duty free.

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