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Is there a safe way to remove a mole?

Asked by jm5225 (253points) June 11th, 2010

I have a small mole on my face that I absolutely hate. I mean it just bothers me to the point that I try not to look at it in the mirror and avoid photos of that side of my face because I hate it that much. I don’t have money to have it surgically removed but saw there are some products out there that claim to remove them naturally or with some types of chemicals. I was wondering if anyone has done this before or can give me some tips/suggestions. The mole is very small, about the size of the sulfer on a match stick and ever so slightly raised above the skin. It should not bother me so much and I have felt like I was removing a part of myself but I am convinced that I will be MUCH happier if this bastard is gone!!! :)

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If you remove it, the scar will be worse than the mole by any method that works.

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Do not attempt to remove it yourself. A trained professional can remove it with as little scaring as possible. When they removed one from my husband, they used a method called freezing it off. Your dermatologist will choose the best method of removal for your particular mole, depending on its size, shape and color.

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I agree with @YARNLADY. Do not attempt to remove it yourself. Do not go out and buy or order any product that claims it can remove moles. No, no, no. I know there are drugstore treatments like creams and lotions, but they’re all full of chemicals that could cause more harm to your skin, especially if you don’t use them correctly. Same with chemical peels. You have no idea how your skin will react. Allow a trained professional to remove it for you.
I had a mole, (about the same size as yours) cut off on my stomach by a dermatologist for testing. As far as I know, it’s really not that expensive to do. There is a little discoloration where the mole use to be, but the scar is by no means worse than the actual mole. Your dermatologist can actually give you an idea of the type and location of a scar after mole removal, to help you make your decision. Good luck. =)

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oh okay, I was actually going to buy this stuff called dermatend but i’m not now….im to afraid to do something like this. I actually has a chemical peel dont professionally and had amazing results with that. I guess the professional way is how I should go about this too. I heard of people freezing warts off so I thought maybe there was a simple way to do this with a mole but it’s not worth it if there is a chance I could scar really bad from it I guess. It does bother me alot but at the same time I can deal with it if that makes sense. It’s very cindi crawford style if you will lol – I guess some woman would be thrilled to have this…not so much me lol

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I was reading up on the reviews for Dermatend and while it seems like an okay product, here’s the thing: if you chemically burn a mole off yourself, and it’s cancerous, you have no way of knowing until the cancer spreads to other areas of your body. Then, you’re screwed and saving $50 or so won’t matter anymore. So, you might as well see a dermatologist anyway and get it checked out before the little guy goes bye-bye and since you’ll already be at the office, have them do it so you can be sure nothing serious will go wrong. Since, you know…they’re professionals and all. :)

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Everyone is right; should you choose to have it removed, seek a professional. A mole is a skin pigmentation that needs to be monitored for any change in size and color, as it could be a sign of cancer. (Warts are a virus, but always benign.)

My sister had a mole on her face removed, and they used a laser. I haven’t noticed any scarring. Since it seems to annoy you, why not check into the cost of having it removed? It might not be as expensive as you think. It might be worth saving up the money to have it done.

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If it’s really small, buy some dry ice, grab a small cube using tweezers and place it on the mole for a few minutes until it freezes (and kills) the mole, if done properly it should come off.

Oh…I mean go see your doctor.

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Go to a dermatologist. That’s safe.

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On your face, I agree with everyone else, see a professional, otherwise you might wind up fixing a scar. I think you should get it removed if you hate it that much.

I get the impression it is a new mole? If it is new and not perfectly round it actually should be looked at anyway probably. If there is a chance it is cancer it is very important to get all of it, clear borders, or you can wind up with nothing visibile on the skin, but cells can still be going deeper into the tissues.

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I saw this on that Dr’s tv show. According to the dermatologist it’s relatively safe with no scarring. The thing is, you still need to get the mole looked at BEFORE you remove it.

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It’s a job for a pro. Even if you were a pro yourself, you should let another pro do it.

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I will have it looked at by a professional just to be safe. I tis not a new mole, I have had it since I was about 3 years old or younger and I am in my late 20’s now. I doubt it is cancerous as it has not changed shape or size or anything since I have had it but why take the risk. Some great advice here though and I appreciate everyone’s response :)

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Glad to hear it, and thanks for asking the question. Let us know how it goes and what you decide.

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It’s your face. If you are not happy with the small mole you have now, just imagine your feelings if the removal stuff you buy doesn’t work as advertised. I would also suggest you go to a professional if you want it removed, or try learning to love it.

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I actually went and has the mole looked at by a local dermatoligist. The visit was over $100 so I could not afford treatment to remove the mole. However it was determined the mole is not cancerous so I tried the ACV method and the mole is gone :) It is still healing, the skin is red and a little raw but I am putting vitamin E and Neosporin on the area and I believe that it will fade to nothing by the end of the month for sure :) I am thrilled! Just a word of advice if anyone tried this though…My mole was smaller then the end of a pencil cap and not really raised. I think this is why it went so fast and easy. If you have a larger mole that is raised I believe it will take much longer. Also the skin and mole look kinda gross for a few days as it dries up and becomes irritated. Do not plan on any pressing social events for a few weeks or to be safe the next month or so. Hope this helps someone else!

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WARNING! The post by HTDC suggests dry ice “for a few minutes!” NEVER DO THIS! You will end up with giant boil-like blisters the size of Texas, possible infection and scaring that would make Frankenstein blush.

Truth is, living in a remote area of the Andes for some time I learned to handle the dry ice method quite well. I started with a highly irritated skin tag using this suggested method and nearly put myself in the hospital.

The next venture was just the very tip of the ice, barely touching the skin tag which instantly frosted over. Maybe 5 seconds but I still got a blister.

Finally I tried 3 seconds of barely contacting the skin tag and make darn sure NOTHING else, no other skin, fingers, etc touch that dry ice. It worked like a charm and was gone in a flash.

After the freeze leave it alone and let nature take its course. If it gets irritated try some soothing medicated creams, use a bandaid as a last resort.

Moving up to moles and warts I used the same method but be aware of how fast the frost-freeze will jump from the ice to the surrounding skin and do anything possible to prevent excess contact. A direct contact point and 5 seconds should remove most anything. Any contact longer than that and you can think in terms of removing your nose, fingers, thumbs etc.

Yes it’s best to see the doctor and the dry-ice method certainly isn’t painless, but with extreme care it can be done.

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