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What are the chances (probability) of getting a green quarter in change on St. Pat day?

Asked by Besafe (441points) March 17th, 2008

When I got change at the cafeteria at work today I got a green quarter. I asked if they were giving out green change because they were celbrating St Patricks day.. answer—NO. It was the only green coin in their till. Any math wizs that can compute the probability?

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I’ve got two green quarters today, neither green, so one might say it’s 1/3 so far…

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To many missing variables. Any answer would be pure speculation.

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wow your lucky! Wash your hand that lucky green mold could make you sick. Lmao

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sounds like your lucky day. maybe you should have played the lotto.

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When I looked at it later I noticed the date was 1995—the year I married the love of my life—that was a great year.

Do you think some leprechauns may have pained it green—hey I am Irish.

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Yes, leprechauns.

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