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I changed the solenoid on my motorcycle, but it still won't turn over. Any suggestions?

Asked by ddavis1273 (3points) June 12th, 2010

It just meekly clicks when I depress the START button. With a voltmeter, the battery checks 12.6. At the battery post, on the solenoid, it checks 12.6. When I check the motor post on the solenoid, I get 7 volts.
I changed the solenoid. It turned over and started. It conked out and, now, it just clicks again. So, what do you think?

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Bad connection between the cable and the solenoid. Or the solenoid is not grounded properly – too loose, dirty contacts. Put your voltmeter on the solenoid and watch if the voltage drops when yo try to crank it. Now put it across the battery and see how much the voltage drops. The numbers should be equal.

Your battery could be hosed too. When fully charged it should read 13.0 to 13.6 volts. Put a charger on it, wait 15 minutes and try cranking again. If it starts quickly you need a battery.

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I agree that it sounds like an intermittent out, either a bad connection or a terminal that could use a little touch of the wire brush.

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Spark plug? Gas?

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That wouldn’t stop it from turning over.

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@dpworkin Well, he said it’s “clicking” now….doesn’t sound like it’s getting fire.

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I’ll see if my husband wants to put in his 2 cents. He raced motorcycles professionally for several years and he’s a damn good mechanic. He’s the only real mechanic I’ve ever known…and he carries ZERO tools in the car! Go figure…..Anyway, I’ll see what he might have to say. He doesn’t have an account, so if this duck gets suddenly macho and talking about things most ducks don’t know about, that will be him…..

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