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Suggestions for a metal cover of pop hits compilation?

Asked by syz (35649points) March 17th, 2008

I’m compiling metal covers of pop hits (for my own enjoyment). I have Rivethead doing “bringing sexy back”, Disturbed for “land of confusion” and Alien Ant Farm with “smooth criminal”. I’m teetering for Scum of the Earth covering “we are the champions”. Any other suggestions?

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There’s a band called Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies that is a side project for guys in other bands like NOFX.. Their whole shtick is really kick-ass punk/speed metal covers of pop songs. They have lots of albums (I own 3). check them out.

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A garbage can lid would make a nice cover for metal-pop hits compilation.

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Oi! GD Kimble knows what’s up! Me First and The Gimmie Gimmies is the best cover band EVER! You can download some free tracks at
P.S.-MrDon’tKnowShit! I believe a thimble would be a great cover for you!

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No use for a name did a couple pop cover songs also if im not mistaken.

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^no use for a name^ also on fat wreck chords!

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Dancing Queen, by Abba.

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Xanadu, by Olivia Newton John

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Here is what I have found :

Looking for similar things.

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