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Does anyone know how digital graffiti works?

Asked by Val123 (12694points) June 12th, 2010

This is VERY cool! But…how do they accomplish it? Projection? Any ideas?

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No, I didn’t.

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@Akiora Go look at the link. It’s cool!

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no idea, thanks for showing us though…pretty awesome. I want to learn how to do it now.

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The website says it’s the world’s first projection art festival, so yeah, they use projection.

“Festival organizers said they mostly use consumer-grade projection equipment for the event, but do it on a large scale with about 50 projectors in play at a time.

They are mostly HD-capable LCD projectors designed for small- to medium-size theatre or conference room applications,” said event organizer Scott Stephens. “All artist submissions are required in a QuickTime file format to certain specifications for optimal projection.”

Thanks for making me aware. Some of those pictures were amazing, very cool. :)

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@Akiora For the record, this was a response to the question when it was worded quite differently. It won’t let me re-edit now :(

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@Akiora Sorry! The mods didn’t feel that it was a valid question the way it was originally written. But, yes, folks. Her original answer was valid!

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