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US team: do you feel one unearned goal will mean a World Cup win?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) June 12th, 2010

The US soccer team gets out of the 1st game with a tie off a gift goal. What makes you think they will actually have the umph to get by stronger players than England when they would not have gotten by them less the goalie’s flub for a gift goal? Some people actually believe it is a wave to ride all the way to the Cup.

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It’s better to be lucky than good, sometimes. The USA played a very tactically sound game. Taking a point from the England game was more than they could have hoped for. Also, England were underwhelming and should have done better. The USA had better scoring chances in the 2nd half, including hitting the post

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Agree ^

If England is so much better – they should’ve scored a couple of goals.

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I want to slap that stupid english goalkeeper in the head for his incompetence. Even I could have saved that ball.

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I feel soooooo bad for that goalie.

in the slow motion he knew the ball was going in and mouthed f**k, i was proud of my self that i caught that haha, but i dont know, it really depends on how they do in the rest of their games.

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@ragingloli Larvae for you just for indicating you would bitch slap the goalie LOL LOL When you hope to come out with a draw I can’t see how you can believe you can take it all when you have Mexico in group ‘A’; Argentina always a heavy hitter in group ‘B’; Germany in group ‘D’; and Italy in group ‘G’ do anyone believe they are going to give “gift goals”? And more than one so the US would win? I will bet my donutes to anyone’s dollars that won’t happen.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Well, you guys beat Mexico in qualifying and 4 years ago we (Italy) gave you a gift goal by way of an own goal (one of only 2 goals Italy gave up in the entire tournament, the other being Zidane’s penalty in the final), so you never know!

To be honest, I was pretty impressed by the Americans. All the teams have struggled with finishing so far this tournament, that’s normal in the early games. But I just don’t think the depth is there. If Howard has a broken rib or something, it’s over for you guys.

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Aside from two bad defensive plays by individual players, one from each team, the US played even with the 3rd ranked team in the world.

In American sports, the cliche is that you always take it one game at a time. We aren’t looking ahead to the elimination rounds yet, we’re focused on getting out of the group stage. Once you get there, you never know what could happen.

That’s why they play the games.

And we did beat Spain fair-and-square in South Africa just a year ago.

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One of my more pleasant memories is of the US playing Italy to a standstill draw in 2005. None of us thought it was possible. The team’s iron discipline was impressive.

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As Dennis Quaid so succinctly put it in Great Balls of Fire!, “England can kiss my ass.”


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@bea2345 @cfrydj @Ivan Soooooooo… are telling me you’d take a bet for the US to win no point spread? Ummmmm?

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I am rooting for the US this time around, but no: no bets.

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I’m pretty sure that’s not what I said at all.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Absolutely not. First, while I was impressed, and yes, anything can happen, I would never consider it to be anything approaching probable. Secondly, I am Canadian, and therefore prohibited from cheering for the Americans in any sport. So why would I put a bet down and then be disappointed if I happened to win? That would be foolish.

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@Ivan I know you did not say you’d bet on the US team I was asking if you would, if your confidence in them was that great because you pointed out ”the US played even with the 3rd ranked team in the world,” ”We aren’t looking ahead to the elimination rounds yet, we’re focused on getting out of the group stage. Once you get there, you never know what could happen.’” and ”And we did beat Spain fair-and-square in South Africa just a year ago.” I just got the impression you believed the US team of late was underestimated and had a legit shot at being spoiler.

@cfrydj OOPs My bad……… thought you were a Yankee so that would not be wise when I am sure you would root for your own team. :-)

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What a loaded question. Anything is possible, if not always probable.

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The goal was not “unearned”, unlikely, unusual, yes, but not “unearned”. It came from the kick of a US player, and so was earned.

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I shall be rooting for Ghana now: what else can I do? But it has been a pleasure watching the US teams, both male and female, in the international tournaments. Each outing appears to be a learning experience for them, and each game they improve. It is only a matter of time before the US takes home the Cup.

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@cfrydj Well we know now, Mexico is still in it for now and the US is toast. 4 years ago don’t mean squat I guess. Personally I believe it will be a fight between Argentina and Brazil with an outside chance Germany will be spoiler.

@bea2345 They need to do less learning and develope some killer strikers that is like Micheal Jordan combined with Coby Bryant in cleats.

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@Hypocrisy_Central – that will come with time. The problem is that the US is not soccer country, the way Britain, France, Italy, etc. are. They all play other games but nothing unites their citizens like the World Cup. The US is still in the learning curve.

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