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Get windows 7 to read floppies made on windows 98?

Asked by XOIIO (18320points) June 12th, 2010 from iPhone

It keeps asking me to format it when there are files on it. Is there a way to get it to read them? I really need to be able to do this,

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Have you tried mounting the floppy from a Linux LiveCD?

How old are the floppies?

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I don’t want to install a partition on my pc right now. They are pretty old floppies.

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@XOIIO Unless they did something radically stupid, Win 7 should be able to read Window 98 discs just fine, since they’re formatted in FAT or FAT32. Are you sure the disk you’re trying to use is still good?

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There’s nothing special about an old floppy. Either the floppies are bad or the floppy drive is bad.

Both are common.

I would try another PC and/or a Live CD.

A live CD boots up and runs from the CD drive, nothing is installed on your hard drive, no partition is necessary.

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I’m using a plug and play floppy drive, I’ll try copying the files into the newly formatted disc.

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Hmm turns out they were written on a mac, so duh they won’t work LOL

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@XOIIO – I wasn’t suggesting that you install Linux, hence the “LiveCD” bit.

I think a Linux distribution might well read them, actually.

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