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Some of us are.

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Your as real as you make yourself.

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Yup, as real as it gets.

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Are we fake?

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I must be real. I sweat just like everybody else.

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As real as we can imagine…or we’re all just living this one huge dream where we just happen to be dreaming the same dream.

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@mollypop51797 – not necessarily. Each of us may be living in individual dreams, and we are dreaming that we live and have other people about.

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“Real” is a pretty relative term. It all depends on how you define it. Real could be defined as being cognizant of one’s own existence at a given moment, or it could be something that can be physically touched/quantified…

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@bea2345 true, or we’re all dreaming individual dreams..but happen to have some of the same people in our dreams as others.

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I am as real as it gets and so are you, we all are. We are as real as anything. Is it all a dream? Then who is the dreamer? Is the dreamer real? Yes, as real as anything.

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only thinking makes it so

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Phenomenologically, we simply define whatever it is we’re experiencing as “real,” since, otherwise, to what could the word be referring? Husserl rocks.

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Some of us are real. We real folks are surrounded by certain philosophers who make it their life’s work to prove we aren’t real. Fortunately for the real among us, those philosophers poof out of existence the moment they derive the proof, so their efforts have no negative effect on the rest of us.

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Descartes said that the only thing one can prove is real is one’s mind. Beyond all that philosophical shit, however, we are as real as we’re ever going to need ourselves to be.

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@SmashTheState Is that even a real word?

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@SmashTheState I can’t even pronounce that!

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Yes and don’t ever doubt it!

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Does it matter? For arguments sake lets say it is, now what? Let’s say it’s not, it’s the most real thing ever, now what?

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@Silhouette Now what is if we really aren’t real, then what we think we do or do not do is of no consequence whatsoever. So if someone is convinced they aren’t real, and you shoot them in the foot, that makes no difference, because their foot’s not real anyway and the pain they feel isn’t real either. And of course, if you work your way up joint by joint blowing their body apart till you get to their head, that’s no problem and the pain they think they feel isn’t real, so who cares, right.

Funny thing is philosophers who claim it’s all in our heads do not want to participate in this except as a thought experiment. And Zeno’s Paradox of the Tortoise and Achilles shows that you can seem to have proved the most absurd of things with thought experiments.

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I’d like to think so. But if not, perhaps we are all figments of your imagination. You’re just dreaming all of us, and everything that happens. Or maybe you’re all in my head.

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Explain real. Are you the dreamer, dreaming this?

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This topic needs a “the matrix” tag ;P

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I know I’m real, but I think the question here is are you fake?

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I am. I think.

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Therefore, I am.

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@ETpro It was my understanding of the question if this isn’t real life, it’s dream life. So if I shoot someone who isn’t real with my gun that isn’t real then I’m sure my not real bullets will bounce off their not real foot. If I keep firing my not real gun at their not real joints slowly working my way up blowing their not real body apart until I get to their not real head, yes, their not real pain doesn’t matter.

This scenario has nothing to do with my answer.

What I meant was, you still have to play out your story. Whether life is real or just a dream you have to live it, you still have to get up every morning and pull your boots on. You still have to strive to enjoy your dream.

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@augustlan Cogito cogito ergo cogito sum. “I think that I think, therefore I think that I am.”

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Even if I’m a butterfly dreaming its the sky, the fact that I can illustrate something I wonder about, even if I’m not sure it’s real or not, makes it real, in a way. I mean, in the way that Jason Voorhees is real, at least when you watch the movies.
I don’t get any of this shit though, I mean if it isn’t real, how can we imagine it? (Not including basing something imaginary on something real, like a horse plus unicorn.) Are we that awesome? ’‘points’’ ARE YOU A GOD??
Either way though, it doesn’t matter because stubbing my little toe, menstrual pains or the need to ruin my life with booze all seems real enough to me, despite how much philosophical mumbo jumbo somebody wants to throw in my face when it comes to the perception of everything.

Personally, I’m still stuck on wondering how we can define the concept of nothing.

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I am real. I’m not sure about anyone else.

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GQ @lopezpor – what I like about these type of questions is that if you get enough jellies to respond and read their answers, even one word or one-liner answers – you can get a good idea of who they are; and who they think they are.

Well done.

Notice, I haven’t answered.

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Zhuangzi Chinese philosopher 4th century BC on relative realities

Once Zhuangzi dreamt he was a butterfly, a butterfly flitting and fluttering around, happy with himself and doing as he pleased. He didn’t know he was Zhuangzi. Suddenly he woke up and there he was, solid and unmistakable Zhuangzi. But he didn’t know if he was Zhuangzi who had dreamt he was a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming he was Zhuangzi. Between Zhuangzi and a butterfly there must be some distinction! This is called the Transformation of Things

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@Silhouette What I meant was, you still have to play out your story. You are right about that. I was just commenting on how, if life really is a dream, the dream would predictably morph if you pulled a gun on the dream character and threatend to take the suggested sequences of action, assuring them all the time that since it’s just a dream, no harm could come of it. :-)

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@ETpro I just thought I needed to make my answer a little clearer. :o)

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Maybe not. We might live in a matrix-like world.

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We are as real as we believe ourselves to be. I think reality is subjective, and “objectivity” is a subjective agreement. One of the best definitions of reality I have come across is this:

Reality is a mutually agreed-upon mass hallucination!

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