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The mods get a lot of grief but has moderation ever saved you?

Asked by lillycoyote (24810points) June 12th, 2010

Has it ever been a blessing? I don’t even remember the question I asked. One night, I was, I think, FUI, Fluthering Under the Influence that is, and I asked a question. I woke up the next morning thinking about the question, wishing I hadn’t asked it and logged onto the site immediately not knowing what to expect. And God Bless them! The mods had pulled my question for editing and I could not have been happier, unless there had been a button, under the abandon question button, with an option to “Abandon Question? Hell yes! Obliterate it! Annihilate it! Using NSA standards! Please! Thank you!”

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Well, it’s certainly prevented me from getting really nasty in certain threads. I’m very glad flamewars are not allowed.

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Agreed ^. Remember It’s like a distant memory nightmare.

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Way back before I was a mod, I asked a pretty pointed question that, while naming no names was really obviously directed at an ex-member here. This person had riled up a lot of folks in the community, so everyone knew who I was talking about and jumped right into the fray. The question was first sent back to me for editing, and they asked that I remove the obvious hints. I did, it was reposted, but it was too late… everyone already knew who it was about, and it continued to go downhill from there. The entire thread was one huge train-wreck. The mods eventually removed the whole thing, and rightly so. I had let my frustration get the better of me, and I never should have asked it in the first place.

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I once used “to” instead “too” in a question. They sent it back to me so I could fix it. That saved me a lot of embarrassment.

I’m not kidding. It was rejected for missing a “o”. But I am kidding about saving me from embarrassment.

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I’ve had lame personal attacks that were directed at me removed. Had a very boring question sent back for editing that I allowed to die a dignified death. So yes, I’ve been saved a few times by the mods – and other jellies.

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@johnpowell Will you never let me live that down? Sheesh. :(

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@augustlan – I have to say…

You are personable and communicative. Having a unique approach to us “little people”.
Not meaning to come off negative or disrespectful to other mods.

But, YOU are ok in my book. :-)

So far. ;-)

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No….never. The only time I will accept moderation is when I F’d up and put it in the wrong section. I despise it when someone else has say so over what I think and feel.

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I inadvertently started a flame war with a question in my first week here. The mods jumped on it right away and I agreed that there was nothing I could do to correct it, so let it die. On the previous site, the owners would have just allowed it to go thermonuclear.

I’m periodically a stalking target. The mods deal with those so quickly that I often don’t see what the troll said.

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Saved me?? No.
The strangest thing I was modded for was a happy face I posted in response to a comment to one of my questions! WTH? LOL!

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I don’t assess my own motivations all that well. Things often seem right to me at the time I post them, and I nearly always agree with the moderation later, after I calm down.

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I’ve been saved while Fluthering Under the Influence. Thank you mods! especially auggie. ;)

@lillycoyote Have you ever woken up after a night of FUI and dreaded logging in to Fluther, worried about things you might have posted? I hate that feeling. Luckily it doesn’t happen that often.

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Don’t drink and post. >_>

But no, I haven’t really been ’‘saved’’ by moderation.

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Really ? ?

Even when it “sucks monkey dick” ? (your immortal phrase, not mine :)

It was sooo funny, I just felt it could use another go-round :D

Apologies to any offended parties :)

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@Buttonstc Agreed.
Sucks monkey dick LAWL

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I think that probably hurt @Syz’s feelings, and she was just doing her job. I can’t say I’m proud of it, although I still think that poor guy’s question should have been left the hell alone.

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When I have flunked (fluther while drunk), upon reflection, I have often sucked the monkey’s dick in a bad way with some of my remarks and posts. I see the mods as imperfect; but then so am I.

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Aren’t we all. And Syz is a pretty good egg.

I didn’t really want to drag her name into it again, but it was just such a memorable phrase :)

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I’ve made some really stupid typos and had to flag my own questions. A mod (usually Dog) has come to my rescue and returned them to me for editing so I could clean them up.

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I have to admit, the benefits far out weigh the frustrations. It’s nice to know people aren’t going to be allowed to flame you.

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I’m such a child. Anyone have any spidey comics?

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Whenever the mods remove a question or a quip that pisses me off yes, even before I became a mod :P they save me.

@Cruiser: If you don’t like people messing with what you say, perhaps you shouldn’t say it at all. No one can mess with it when it’s still inside your brain.

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@ChazMaz Aw, shucks. Thanks!

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I’ll remember to bring a vacuum gauge the next time I go near a monkey.

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@KatawaGrey It’s about the thrill of the chase, plus if I kept all this in my head it would melt down!

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I have not had too many pulled. So far, nothing that has been pulled has been a bother. One was a boon:

I made a really dumb and embarrassing quip a bit ago and, luckily, it was off topic amongst a bunch of (more intelligent) off topic chatter. I was very happy to see that sucker go.

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