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How many countries, other than the one you're currently living in, have you visited or lived in?

Asked by prescottman2008 (780points) June 12th, 2010

When I say “lived in” I mean something longer than the typical 2 week vacation. As far as “visited” that doesn’t include lay-overs at an airport.

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I went to Canada for about a week for a wedding. I loved it up there (we were near Toronto). I’ve never lived in another country, but I’m hoping my husband will be stationed in another country for his next duty location so that we can get that opportunity.

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I visited Australia for 3 weeks. I want to go back. It was beautiful there.

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I stopped counting after 30.

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5 visited, 1 lived in.

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Lived around 7 or so. Visited over 40. Do I win anything? :)

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Fourteen (and Antarctica) as an adult, four as a child. I was a Navy brat who became an Army officer.

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I’ve lived in two- Canada and now the US.

I’ve visited 15: Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia, Spain, Italy, Greece, France, India, and Nepal.

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All 50 states – check
North America – check
5 Formula 1 venues (Brazil, Canada, US, Japan, Malaysia) – check
Hong Kong Sevens – check
Singapore, Philippines, Venezuela – check
England, Germany, Spain, France – check

All that looks like this, via here

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I’ve lived in the UK, the USA and Germany.

I’ve visited France, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Hungary, Serbia, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Greece and have a trip to Thailand planned for later in the year.

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Lived in – none
Visited – Canada, USA, Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic.

The list would be much bigger if I had more money. Also, I would love to live in Spain.

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I haven’t lived anywhere other than England but I have visited Germany, France, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland and America.

Edit: Forgot to add Wales and Scotland seeing as they are technically other countries.

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Lived in one, been up and down the east and west coast of the US, including Alaska, with a few visits to parts of the heartland.
Visited Laos, Thailand, Mexico, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Belize, Canada, assorted Caribbean islands, Costa Rica.
Plan to see many, many more before I die.

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Have visited about 45 countries so far and each one (some much more than others) makes me appreciate home.

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Three. France, where I was born, England, but not for very long at all, and now Canada.

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I’ve visited most of the European countries as well the British Virgin Islands. I have visited the Bahamas and Mexico. I have never lived anywhere other than the USA; I don’t expect that to change. I would like to visit Canada, Greece, Scotland, and Scandinavia. If I never do, that will be OK too. I’ve yet to visit all of the U.S. states, but I’ve seen a lot of them and spent time in the U.S. Virgins..

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I have driven across the border of Mexico several times and done shopping in the border towns of Cuidad Juarez and Tijuana, and I have spent a week-end in Windsor, Canada. That is the extent of my experience out of the U.S.

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The U.S., the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland (just the airport, though), Italy, Austria, England, France and Spain.

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The US, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Australia, New Zealand.

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Like @zenele I stopped counting after 30.

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