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Do you have enemies?

Asked by Berserker (33470points) June 13th, 2010

Who’s your worst enemy? What did they do, what is this rivalry all about? What are you gonna do about it?
Or do you have more than one enemy? If so, why is that? Are you an asshole?
Or perhaps you don’t think in those terms, and don’t consider people as ’‘enemies’’. I mean, that’s depressing, am I right?

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If I have enemies, I don’t know them…which is probably best.

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I don’t think I have any enemies. I’m sure there are people who dislike me, but I can’t imagine them doing anything active about it.

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I don’t have any enemies, unless someone covertly hates my guts.

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I don’t have any enemies in my life right now, thank goodness. But I have had periods of time when I have had enemies. I don’t make a good enemy, because I don’t think evilly.

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I can say almost 100 percent that no one has ever disliked me to the point of being long term enemies with them. I am not even surprised anymore when people tell me I am a good person because I know I am and I surround myself with other good people.

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I don’t have any enemies on my list but I bet my name is on a few lists somewhere. Yes, it’s because I’m an asshole.

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Hopefully I don’t have any enemies… not to my knowledge anyway!!

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Yes, occasionally I am sufficiently constipated to require an enema.

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No, I don’t consider any person to be an enemy.

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I don’t think I’m on anyone’s shit list and would be quite surprised if I were. I think I’m a very reasonable, nice, and fair person and I live life intentionally not doing harm to others, not screwing anyone over, not being purposely malicious or cruel, etc.

I do have one person that I hate and I await the day that I can jab the knife in and turn it, to get him back. The thing is, he did something that hurt and angered me quite a bit, then was a coward and wouldn’t apologize or own up to it to me personally, which is all I asked so that I could move on. I do wish I could move on, because it’s been 2 or 3 years since it occurred and it’s really not important anymore. I just can’t seem to let go of it.

There are a few other people, not very many because I generally don’t hold grudges, that were abusive mind fuckers and really messed me up, treated me horribly, cruelly, squashed me, killed my self-esteem, that sort of thing. I wouldn’t necessarily call them enemies, but they are people I have my eye on and probably will never be able to forgive them for what they did. But in trying to heal from the abuse, I had to move on from what happened, and divorced myself emotionally.

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I don’t have people whom I consider enemies, but like @Silhouette I can think of a few who probably don’t care for me, mainly because I say what I think, and what I think does not jibe with what others think.

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Well I reckon to have enemies you first have to make enemies.So unless there’s some sick individual I don’t even know exists, i’m in the clear.I mean I don’t do or say anything to attract any unwanted & unwarranted attention.Way too lovable for any of that negative nonsense.

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None I’m aware of, besides my own self. I have people I avoid in general because they’re troublemakers but they’re like that to everyone.

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None that I’m personally aware of, although there are plenty of people in the world who hate bisexuals, transsexuals and atheists just on principle.

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Myself. But I still love the guy.

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If I have true enemies I am unaware of them. I do though have people who are jealous of me and my success.

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I had one or two when I was a sophomore in high school. That’s been over 20 years now.

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No, and the worms in my backyard are very well fed, if you know what I mean.

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I don’t have any real enemies that I know of, but I still consider myself an asshole.

(I also liked the topics. Funny.)

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My former boss (the world famous Worst Boss Ever). Each day I read the obituaries, waiting to find his name, just so I can start saving up to piss on his grave.

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@filmfann How much you need?

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I figure there will be a line

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Nope. I don’t think in that way. If I’m on anyone’s enemy list, I’m oblivious and I’m happy to keep it that way.

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This list grew much shorter when I took off the uniform. I’m sure there are many people who hate anyone different from them. As for personal hatred, there’s only one; I could crush him like a bug with no remorse. The piece of filth who abused my beloved.

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My man’s ex-wife seems to be my sworn enemy. I wish I could change that, but there seems to be no way to do so. Other than that I can’t think of any enemies.

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There is only one person in this world who thinks I am the worst Mother In Law in the entire world. Mind you, I am just the latest in a long list of people she hates, from her dead-beat Dad, to her estranged grandmother, including her hated cousin, and her even more hated Aunt.

Unfortunately, this poor woman does not realize that she is such a hateful, spiteful person, that even her own children will be eventually added to the list. So far, I have heard her call her oldest son “Stupid!” and say “Fuck YOU BABY” to her youngest son.

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I have some flenemies (fluther frenemies).

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There’s one guy who really doesn’t like me… thats about it.

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@YARNLADY Hey, I am watching my language this week for you! Don’t bait me!

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Come to think of it, I’m my own worst enemy.

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There was one woman who didn’t like me but she died.

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@Aster Under mysterious circumstances?

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@bob_ LOL !! No; old age.

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@filmfann When reporting what other people say, sometimes it cannot be avoided. That woman has such a foul mouth, the rest of the family tries to avoid being in the same room with her whenever possible. She makes it easier by being addicted to gaming, and goes off in a corner by herself, leaving everyone else to watch her two toddlers

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I think if you are decent guy in high school then all the vicious kids become your enemies

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