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Let's make some new company slogans! Like, for example: DHL. Excellence. Simply delivered. = DHL. Eventually we'll deliver it.?

Asked by rebbel (28495points) June 13th, 2010

They may be funny, critic, true, ridiculous, absurd.
For the Coca-Cola’s, BP’s, GoodYear’s, KFC’s, Nike’s, etc. of this world.
You know some more brands, don’t you?!

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BP – we’re brining oil to American shores!

Not mine, don’t know who to credit.

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You’re not fully clean until you find a way to get all that Zest residue off of you!

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Delta: “The world’s most expensive bus service.”

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BP: “It’s payback time for that “friendly fire””.

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Check out this, this, this and this lists.

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Oh, and this one, too.

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This was funny from @bob’s site:

Nike: “Just buy the damn shoes, you flabby spineless lump!”

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AT&T: Screw you and have a nice day. We’re the fucking phone company.

Bank of America: Stimulus shmimulus. Hey, wanna see us turn your tax dollars into executive bonuses?

Viagra: Making harder and faster possible since 1998.

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Naked Condoms
Sex is more fun naked and hopefully raising the kid will to when the rubber fails.

We pray our rubber doesn’t break so nine months later your gal’s water won’t.

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