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If you could turn back time what would you undo?

Asked by pwincess99 (123points) June 13th, 2010

i would undo all my mood swings! because most of the time they were for no reason anyway! what about you? what would you undo?

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Today I’m feeling I might have interfered with my parent’s marriage before my birth.

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I would undo the invention of turning back time…

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I would go back to 2000 and undo my leaving California.

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edited by me

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I would go back in time and study for all of the tests i have failed and didnt study for. (Only 4, swear.)

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Also @pwincess99 ,welcome to Fluther

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Quitting a particular job.

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Isn’t the correct answer to this question always “Kill Hitler”?

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I’ve always thought that was an unwritten but assumed clause of this question.

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didn’t y’all see the Butterfly Effect?! you can’t turn back time!
cuz you’ll screw up the future. everything that happened, however seemingly insignificant, may be the reason why the world is the way it is and not worse.
think: you kill hitler as a baby. someone else would grow up and lead Germany, because they were all so miserable it was inevitable. perhaps that person would’ve won WWII at that, by not attacking the USSR. then we’d all be fucked.

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Apparently this has already happened. The funniest thing is that he has his towel!

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Some of the mistakes I made with my kids.

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i conquer with @Qingu its so true

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I would have gotten over my ex-husband the first time around. We lived together, broke up, did the “friends-with-benefits” thing, got back together, married, divorced. If I had gotten over him the first time, I wouldn’t have spent 8 years trying to figure out what was wrong with me, when most of it wasn’t me at all.

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I could say I would have approached college differently.

But on the whole, all the sucky stuff that’s happened to me (self inflicted or no) has really helped shape the person I’ve become. And I like the person I’ve become. So, I guess nothing.


All the time I wasted when I was younger——the time that could have been spent more wisely with loved ones, and not wasted on trivial, selfish pursuits.

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I’d go back to November 6 of last year and prevent my lady from leaving the house, at least for an hour. That truck would have crashed into someone or something else.

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That is a good question – there were many episodes in my life I wish never happened, but without them, who would I be? Maybe I’m a better person because of them, so my vote is no – unless I can see the consequences in advance.

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i would go back and tell myself to chill the fuck out. over and over and over again.

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Nothing at all. I am quite happy with the current state of affairs, and I wouldn’t change anything in the past for fear that it may significantly alter the present.

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I would not kill Hitler, I would secretly put birth control pills in Klara Hitler’s drinks in 1888.

Same for the mothers of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot.

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I totally agre with that! I would also go back in time to tell Adam and Eve not to eat the apple from the serpent.

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@astrix24 You may have some trouble finding that in our past.

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