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Were you moved or touched by something on the tube lately?

Asked by zenele (8242points) June 13th, 2010

I ask because I normally am not the type to cry at movies, certainly not from TV shows. In this case, it was during an episode of Survivor. Now I’ve been to the jungle, and I’ve been in survivor type situations myself. I have certainly watched my share of National Geographic programs and films. So I really don’t knw why I was so moved by this particular moment.

It was the circumstance, the situation, I think. Also the late hour, together with being alone and probably my chemicals being where they are right now… but in the episode where the local man shows them how to make the most of their machete and a little bamboo – I sat both in awe and respect, and was very moved.

I don’t know why. I’d seen things done in the wild before, really cool things done – first hand. There was something about his innocence and brilliance at the same time – something about the simplicity of needing nothing but a knife to survive the jungle – yet with the sophistication and genius that it takes to light a fire from just bamboo. You know, without any other tools. Just bamboo.

I was again reminded, I guess, of the simple things in life – and how they are taken for granted. And to be thankful for all I’ve got.

Including this wonderful online community.

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You are right about the innocence of simplicity…and, the contentment of knowing you are self sustaining. It’s a beautiful thing.

Though none come to mind at this moment, I am always moved by the nature of what you speak.

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Wow. Thanks.

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I was watching High Plains Invaders, & I felt sorry for the guy about to get hanged. I didn’t cry or anything, but….

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It vary’s from day to day, but this morning I caught a few minutes of volunteers trying to help clean the birds that are coated with oil from the gulf coast oil spill. That takes a lot of effort and time and love of animals to volunteer your time to help out in that manner.

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The last time, and it was a long time ago, but the only one I can think of right now, where a television show really moved me, actually brought me to tears, was an episode of House, from the first season The episode is called Histories and at the very end, almost as an aside, and something I wasn’t at all expecting which made it hit me hard, House and Wilson are sitting outside a building and Wilson reveals that this is the last place that he saw his brother. Apparently his brother is homeless and Wilson hasn’t seen him in nine years and doesn’t know whether he is dead or alive. That hit me like someone punched me in the gut because that is my story. I have a “last place” that I saw my brother. My brother is schizophrenic and homeless. I haven’t seen him in over fifteen years and don’t even know if he is still alive. This is the first time House even knows that Wilson has this brother. And that is part of my story too. People often ask me if I am an only child and that is because I don’t talk about him. I don’t talk about him because it is painful, I don’t talk about him because it is personal and I don’t talk about him because it is complicated and a lot of people simply don’t understand. But that little bit at the end of the show, really, must have been written by someone who has been through it. I just get that sense.

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{{{ HUGS }}}

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