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Is There a Meat Substitute You Find Delicious?

Asked by Aster (19967points) June 13th, 2010

Do you know of a canned vegetarian meat you can use for lasagna and spaghetti and no one would know it isn’t meat?

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I adore Boca Burgers, especially the flame-grilled, garlic, mushroom etc. I can’t imagine anything canned I’d ever want to eat. Meat foods in a can like spam spam spam are disgusting and I would think I would like veggie spam even less.

Crumble up garlic Boca Burgers for your lasagna.

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Fresh banana blossom cook up just like ground beef in texture, look, and mouth feel. I imagine that if seasoned properly they would pass for ground beef or sausage in a dish like a lasagna. Of course I’ve never seen them in my local market canned or otherwise, so I guess you’d better have a few banana trees available to you or perhaps a Philippine market nearby.

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Cooked, chopped black beans and mushrooms are a fair approximation in look and mouth feel but not in taste or texture, but again, the use of proper seasonings might be enough to fool your dinner guests.

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I don’t get having a meat substitute. If you want meat, eat meat.

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Mmmm…. meat…..


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Steak tartare, carpaccio, kibbeh nayeh
[since I have given up on anyone listening to my BocaBurger advice]

—watch out for the Swiss
; they will put horse meat in your steak tartare

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@anartist I haven’t given up at all on your suggestion. I googled it and will keep reading about it. I was just really busy.
Thank you, Aster

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Nothing canned is a good direct meat substitute, but canned mushrooms are fine, I’ve used mushrooms and fried eggplant cutlets for a fantastic meatless lasagna.

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