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How do i know my cats love me?

Asked by jacey3025 (22points) June 13th, 2010

cats love

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What makes you think that cats love anyone?!

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If you don’t think they hate you, you are good to go.

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They let you feed them.
They let you pet them (sometimes)
They let you be their scratching post.
They let you wear their fur all over your clothes.
They let you know if you do things “wrong”.
They bring you semi-dead critters to make you “happy”.

This is cat love.

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Head-butts and kitty licks.

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I’m sure they appreciate you as long as you provide food and shelter but have no illusions if you drop dead and no one knows about it your cats will eat you before they seek food and shelter elsewhere.

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I think it’s a convenient human fantasy to think our pets “love” us.

They’re happy to be fed and cared for but, frankly, any human will do. We’re not that special.

And I wuv my doggie – but I fully realize it’s a one-sided thing.

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“love” is a loaded word—especially I think for cats.

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Maybe it’s naive of me to think my kitty loves me, but when she climbs into bed with me and lays on my stomach and purrs away without me even touching her, it sure feels like love.

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@cprevite I think animals have much more complicated and nuanced inner lives than we give them credit for. That being said, how can you be so sure about something our science is unable to observe, measure or quantify?

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@primigravida: I would wager that your kitty lies on your stomach more in cold weather than in warm.

Milo lies on me and purrs about the same number of times as he lunges at my arm or foot with teeth and claws at the ready.

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I think calling it “love” is anthropomorphizing.

I think it’s true that many animals form a deep bond with their caregivers, but calling it love is creating unfair expectations. They’re not little people in fur suits, after all. But they can certainly preferentially choose one person over another, go out of their way to spend time with their chosen person, and perhaps even mourn when they lose that person. I guess it just depends on how you define “love”.

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If your not getting scratched and hissed at,

take it as a good sign.

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If you wake up with a cat sleeping on your head it means they are fond of you.

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@gailcalled Nope, she’s on my stomach when it’s warm, as in right now during the crazy Ohio humidity, much to my chagrin. When it’s cold, she goes under the covers in between my legs, heh. And hey, hope pointing out the occasional grammar snafu helps the ego! Sheesh.

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@lillycoyote Mine does that too, it’s really cute. She likes to bury her head in my hair and fall asleep. Still, cat wrapped around your head isn’t cool during the summer months.

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@primigravida I just asked a question about it. Mine used to do that too.

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when they dont try to claw your eyes out as you sleep

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@superneil21-Have you had cats claw out your eyes when you sleep? What are you doing to them to cause this while you are awake. I’ve never heard of this.

Those are some pretty smart cats to only attack whilst sleeping. Lol!

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@tinyfaery I loooove kitty head butts. I extend my lips and my cat head-butts into them. Best thing in the world.

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One sure sign is when your cat comes up to you and touches her/his cold wet nose to your nose. Another sign is when your cat exposes its most vulnerable parts to you.

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@superneil21 I think I remember an episode of Tales from the crypt about cats that used to suck out their owner’s souls at midnight as they slept. I still think about that from time to time when my cat is looking at me like she wants me to sleep… to steal my soul? ha ha.

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What? Cats don’t know love from schmove. If they don’t bite or scratch you, you are in luck.

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Don’t fall for this one though, they are just manipulating you.

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My Cats love me…as long as I have a can of Cat Food in my hand. Then it’s back to sleep for them.

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Feed a dog and it thinks you are God.
Feed a cat and it thinks THEY are God!

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As has been echoed by other users, who can say if cats really “love?” They certainly express affection, but do they do it to get something from you or because they truly appreciate your care? Scientifically, who knows. We used to have a cat that had been run over by a car in his kittenhood and been saved by humans. You could tell by the way he walked and “talked” and how he interacted with us in the house that he was, in some way, grateful for the rescue he had received. He was always sweet and as loving as any homo sapien I’ve ever known. Do cats really love? I think so.

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They don’t. They would be plotting your murder if it weren’t for your feeding them. Get over it.

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@lillycoyote: I’m not sure, which is why I said “think” instead of “know”. It’s just my opinion after having three dogs in my life. That being said, I have never had a cat. Perhaps they are different.

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If you have a cat and you are still alive, it’s safe to assume they have some positive emotions about you.

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@cprevite: I have never had a cat. Perhaps they are different.

Make sure your will is up-to-date, and then bring home a cat. In order to share the experience with us, you may have to type with your nose until the wounds on your hands heal.

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LOL You guys!!! I’ve had cats all my life! Just don’t piss ‘em off!!

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Poor @gailcalled. I wish you knew what it was like to have a good kitty.

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@tinyfaery: I keep telling you to get on a plane and teach me how it’s done. (My daughter, who was all innocence when she begged me to give Milo a good home, now admits that he has an aggressive side.)

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When a cat claws you in the face or anywhere for that matter, consider yourself ‘bitch slapped’ by a cat.

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@cprevite – Where do you get your info from?
I’ve seen cats be extremely selective of who they let pet them, as in only their owners and everyone else is subjected to possible ‘bitch slaps’ by said kitty.

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@HoneyBee: As I said, I’ve never had a cat. I’m simply giving them the benefit of the doubt.

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@cprevite: You’ve got it backwards. Cats will give you the benefit of the doubt, if you’re lucky.

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@gailcalled: ha. Well I’ll never find out as I’m very allergic to kitties.

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@gailcalled You DIDN’T give Milo away, did you???? If you did, who will be the voice of reason in your house now??

My cat bitch-slapped my husband the first night he spent the night and stayed in my bed. This was something Smokey had no idea how to handle, because she’d never experienced any one in my bed except me in her whole life! She was about 7 years old. Rick loves animals, and he woke up to Smoky sitting on his chest, staring at him with her “great big green eyes.” He said, very lovingly, “Hi Smokes!” reached up to per her head and she let him have it, WHAM!! with a right slap to his left cheek, claws fully extended! He said, “Smoky learned she could fly that night!!” Since then they’ve become buddies, but no one will ever take my place in her heart.

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@Val123 : Milo has a life tenure here, it seems. He had me sign something, and I forgot to read the fine print.

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It probably had the word “death” in the small print. And he wasn’t referring to his.

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I fear also that he made himself the primary beneficiary. Note to self; see lawyer and rewrite will.

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ROFLLLLLL!!!!!!!! Damn it! Beer all over my key board!!
If your cat loves you they will NOT make themselves primary beneficiaries in your will and then plot ways to kill you!

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@Val123… yes of course they will! That’s what defines cat love!

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