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How hot are you?

Asked by cd7301 (61points) March 17th, 2008 from iPhone

describing oneself is harder than you think. Be honest.

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it’s not hard, I love my self, i am so hot

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I’d really like to say I’m content with myself. But I think that would be as snooty if not snootier than saying I was perfect or beautiful. I think there’s lots to change, but I’m not ugly.

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Tabasco hot :)

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im about 98.6 degrees F at the moment

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Hot enough! I do have the worlds most beautiful eyes.

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I’m sooo hot. Sorry…its hard to be humble when you’re this perfect.

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well i don’t know about me, but i think you’re hot ;-)

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@Randy i have 2 different color eyes 0o0o0o green and blu =P

and i think I’m worth somebody’s attention if they look at me

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So burning HOT.

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@ iceblu Wow! Green AND blue?!?! Ok…you’ve probably got me beat. Mine are bright, super light blue but two colors sounds amazing.

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@ randy thx ahhah

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this is kind of a weird question. I don’t really think I’m that hot though.

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I think I’m more boyish and cute than hot.

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someone “great question” me!

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@cd7301 Well…did you have a great answer?

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I’m a stone cold fox ;)<3<3

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