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Facebook question; why does old news keep popping up again on my Newsfeed?

Asked by janbb (54405points) June 13th, 2010

I’m fairly new to Facebook so there’s much I don’t undestand about it. One thing that annoys me is that old stories seem to resurface on a regular basis and it doesn’t seem to coincide with any new activity. Why does this happen?

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It could be that a lot of your friends (or just a lot of people in general) are commenting on it.

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Facebook now has something called Top News.
It has become a default setting – basically, it shows stuff that currently has the most activity or comments or ‘likes’. It will show stuff that may even be days old.
If you click on the Most Recent link beside it, you can change this setting to show only the newest activity. These two links are on the top right hand corner of the News Feed.

However, I noticed that once you click on Most Recent, after that 24 hour period or so is over, it will go back to Top News, so you’ll have to click on the Most Recent link at least once everyday in order to only view the newest activity.

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That seems to be it @Vunessuh. Thanks!

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@Vunessuh NICE! Thank you for sharing, I needed to know that step, because my page gets too busy and redundant also. Have a wonderful day! :-)

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