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Customizing a Facebook fan page?

Asked by Taciturnu (6045points) June 13th, 2010

I need to customize a Facebook fan page with all the bells and whistles. I can customize the information, but I need an interactive page that will keep people coming back. Any pointers?

Thanks in advance!!!

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make sure the title is catchy (or realistic if its for a business) and you need a great photo (no cartoons, no blanks, etc.)

invite all your friends on facebook and send out updates and inboxes from the fan page to make sure people stay updated and interested. try creating discussions and updating statuses so it will pop up in fans newsfeed.

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Thanks, @Finley! Do you know how I could change the appearance, like colors, etc?

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No you can’t change colors on facebook, it has to remain the dreary blue.

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@Finley Too bad. :) Thanks again!

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That’s really a cool idea for customizing a Facebook fan page. Before to make it just check the different Facebook fan page, it will give you clear idea which are the things you have to keep it and what information you have to provide it.

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