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How to turn the front screen on my phone on?

Asked by Fenris (1174points) June 13th, 2010

I have a Tracfone-branded LG420G and I can’t find anywhere how to keep the front screen on the outside of the clamshell always on. The phone proper’s user manual doesn’t come with the tracfone paperwerk and there’s nothing directly indicating in the menus on the phone how to manipulate the screen. When the battery dies or when I mess with the alarm, it will stay on, or it will start turning off. It’s driving me quite insane.

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Could you be a little more precise? I don’t get the problem.. Do you want is on always or do you want it to go black when you don’t use it or have the phone opened? This is the default standard on practically every phone I’ve used. If the light is still on when the battery dies, it means that something is wrong with the battery. If the light never go out, you have a “leak” in energy at all times, even when it is in you pocket. This drains the battery’s capacity and thus the life cycle of the cell gets shorter.

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“keep the front screen on the outside of the clamshell always on”
That’s pretty precise, I would think. I want the screen on the front of the phone to stop turning off. I don’t know how to do that.

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I don’t think you can change de default settings in the firmware of this phone. However, it would not be such a good idea anyway, since as I said, your battery will drain quickly and the life cycle will be severely shortened. That’s the reason why it does turn off.

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