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You become a tourist guide for a group of foreigner for a day in your state. How can you impress them?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8215points) June 14th, 2010

Imagine that somehow you become a tourist guide for a group of foreigner for a day(whether the government or they choose you just make that as your side story). In this one day tour they expect you to:
1. Show them how people live around in your place(state).
2. Show them your local delicacies(traditionally is the best).
3. Show them unusual good spot(not usual public entertainments) where they’ll feel entertained. This could be your secret/private spot.
4. Show them some place where they could buy many affordable state-related gifts(the cheapest is the best).
5. Give them a reason why your state is the best and why they should come again.

The time will start from 06.00 am until 12.00 am. Where you’re going to take them? Please show us your fully arranged schedule. And thank you for your participation!

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take them to churchill downs and to the whiskey makers.

6 am….no way. thats too early.

KY….fast horses….great women…...good times

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Santa Monica CA
6AM – Omelet Parlor (eggs Benedict, side of bacon, coffee)
7AM – Malibu Pier (surf lessons by me)
9AM – Mountain bike (Sullivan Canyon up to Dirt Mulholland. down Backbone)
1PM – Bay Cities Deli (large hot pastrami, “the works”, hot peppers, 2x provolone)
(Option B – Baby Blues “Hound Dog”)
2PM – Speedy M3 convertible tour of the Santa Monica mountains, including certain key mid-century architectural monuments (e.g. Frank Lloyd Write), and including much of Hollywood and Beverly Hills.
5PM – Father’s Office burger and beers – and then a couple more fine beers.
8PM – Movie – maybe 3rd Street Promenade, maybe the Aero – one of 20 great theaters, depending.
11PM – Jacuzzi – sex – and tasting from 12x assorted $150 bottles of fine Scotch and wine – chocolate chip cookie dough Haagen-Dazs.
12AM – Dress up and clubbing in Hollywood
3AM – Izzy’s Deli (if not finding proper after-hours obscure house party)

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@ipso Wow that sounds so much better and complete for a day! Maybe I should give it a try myself.

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I would have them stay at the Mansion B&B in Golcanda in Southern Illinois and after their early breakfast head on over to Shawnee National Forest and do some hiking in the Garden of the Gods.
Then around 9 am we hop on our bus and head on up to Springfield and visit our capital and of course tour the Capital building and then have lunch at Maldaners one of the oldest restaurants in the city and where all the politicians go. Chef Higgins features seasonal local and regional ingredients influenced by Mediterranean composition and preparation. Heirloom vegetables, humanely raised meats and Slow Food all artistically prepared and presented.

After lunch spend an hour at the Lincoln museum and hop back on the bus and head on up to Chicago. We arrive around 4 pm and hit Sears Tower and go out on the new sky deck ledge and test their vertigo levels!
No visit to Chicago would be complete without Chicago Style deep dish pizza at Giordanos….yum!
After dinner we will walk the Magnificent mile and let them spend some money and walk right over to Grant park to listen to Vivaldi in the outdoor band shell. Around 9 pm we mozy on over to Navy Pier and after riding the Ferris wheel, we head into the beer garden and enjoy some more live music and of course some beer and sit back and watch the Fireworks. After the fireworks we head on over to the Kingston Mines and watch some of the best blues bands Chicago has to offer. And I guess at midnight the tour bus turns into a pumpkin!

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Well, I wouldn’t really recommend Tampa for tourists… but the other side of the bay is hella fun.

Since we’re starting on my side…:
6:00 AM – Breakfast at Riviera. It’s my favorite all-day brekkie place.
8:00 AM (I like a lazy breakfast) head toward Tarpon Springs.
8:40 AM – walk the Sponge Docks. This is our best tourist shopping spot. We’ll hit the sponge museum and get some kitschy tourist gifts, as well as some real natural sponges. Nothing better! We’ll stop for a good early Greek lunch at Hella’s, and top it off with some awesome baklava.
12:00 PM – head south – toward Dunedin. We’ll spend the afternoon at Honeymoon Island beach. If they brought their furry friends, we’ll go to the south side of the island to the dog beach. If not, to the quiet, private north end. Maybe do some proper topless sunbathing.
4:00 PM – after we’re thoroughly sunned and brined, time to cool off at the Twistee Treat ice cream store. Tradition.
5:30 PM – Reach downtown St. Pete. Fresh-shucked oysters at the Oyster Bar. If we’re lucky, we’re in time for $1 gigantic Yuenglings.
7:00 PM – Doors open at the State Theatre. Drinks at the bar there, or three doors down at Finnegan’s. The headliner is on by 10.
12:00 AM – head to Sarasota for Munchie’s 420 café. Yes, it’s worth the drive.

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jazmina88, right idea, right state… are hired!

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@Doctor_D – I’d love to show you around, but frankly, I just saw the movie The First Saturday in May (2007) and I’d love to go to Churchill Downs (preferably early May) and then some Whiskey makers. The Garden of the Gods looks pretty good too. And Yuenglings ^ I’ve never had. Oldest brewery in America but I’ve never had it. Recently realized that but they don’t have it on the West Coast.

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I would stuff them all on my boat (5–6 am-ish) and drop them off on an island for a spur-of-the-moment game of “Survivor”. ;))

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Begin the morning in San Francisco.
Drive south through Silicon Valley.
Visit the coast redwoods in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park (I’ve seen a busload of French tourists crowd inside the hollow base of the Fremont tree and count themselves when they emerged: un, deux, trois… vingt et un)
Continue down the Coast Highway .
Linger at Point Lobos and Big Sur .
Dine in Cambria on the coast .
Who needs night life? Relax, sip a glass of wine, and listen to the surf while the sun sets over the ocean.

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Take them through my town.
1.) They live like drunken hoosiers.
2.) Take them to Mr.Twist (whick sells beer to fuel the drunkenness).
3.) The whole town is a freakshow. Unusual enough?
4.) They’d be better off stealing.
5.) If their teenage daughter gets prego, they won’t be seen as freaks. Actually, they’ll be more welcome.

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@Draconess25 I’m curious. May I ask what’s the name of your town?.

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Hoosier – that’s Indiana, right?

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@Doctor_D I prefer not to disclose my location to people online. It’s a small town, so I could be found easily.

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Sh!t, I live in Alabama. Let’s see…

1. Talladega Superspeedway
2. Demonstration of ingestion of crude by human
3. Shooting some stuff (I dont hunt)
4. Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail
5. Free thrown-out appliances in the forests
6. Alabama (Band) Fan Club And Museum (I hate country)
7. Fishi—dammit, nevermind.
8. Bass Pro Shops (It’s not like normal people buy things there)
9. Dolphin cru—* facepalm *
10. Talladega Superspeedway

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Show them a German bakery explaining about the different types of bread.

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