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How to dispose of old gasoline?

Asked by kelly (1918points) February 19th, 2007
drained old gasoline from car that was stored for several years. It does not even smell like gasoline. I've been told not to blend it with new gasoline because it will foul the fuel system, even in small quantities. I live in the country so I guess I could burn it, burning is allowed. But it will be a black sooty cloud, and I don't want it to look like a napalm run in the Mekong Delta.
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Living in the country, do you have a transfer station for trash, recyclables, used clothing etc. If so, it usually has scheduled times to accept toxic materials- paint, gasoline, kerosine, electronic parts, etc.
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That's what we do, also in a rural area. For those of us who care, like you, obviousy, and me ...and we are in the minority....adding dangerous substances (and all petroleum products are) to the soil and water should be avoided at all costs. Thanks for paying attention.
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If it is only a few gallons you should prolly just use it as fuel for fire but not all at once. Gas burns quick. You could also soak some soap bars in it and make home made napalm…......OK, I would take it to the recycling center which if you live in the country could take more gas to get there than it is worth. Tough choice. Maybe email a gas and oil company or your city for an answer.

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Use a coffee filter in a funnel and pour it in your car’s gas talk. Pour only some, if you’re greatly concerned.There is no safe or legal way to dispose of it otherwise. Recycling centers won’t take it. Hazardous waste sites might, but they may tell you to dispose of it like I have.

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