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Who would buy a new michael Jackson album?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) March 17th, 2008 from iPhone

who is willing to concentrate on talent rather than let the media control their opponiob of a legend?

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I won’t buy any Michael Jackson albums! Nobody controls, or even touches, my opponiob but me!

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I wouldn’t because I can’t stand that….ummm….person. Yeah, thats what we’ll cal him. I have a ex-girlfriend that would though. She was crazy for him.

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Gee, should we flag this as a leading, proselytizing question as well?

I’m not going to buy, but I agree he is talented.

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I’ll go on limewire and check it out. I doubt it will be any good. He was a great talent as a child and a young man. Now the dude is a nut job. Does his nose really come off? Lmfao

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@kevbo: if you think it is, by all means, flag away. I haven’t seen any evidence that futurelaker88 comes here to shill for Michael Jackson, though.

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@futurelaker88— don’t take this personally, you’ve just been sucked into a larger discussion without your consent.

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If it’s good I’ll buy it.
At the same time though, if it is good, the media will sap every last ounce of life out of him until he’s dead from drink, drugs or suicide. I can’t believe he still wants to write music for ‘us’ at all.
Admittedly, the bloke is truly odd/eccentric and possibly a bit un-hinged but he’s been found innocent by jury and the media needs to get over it.

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Where I work it’s been selling pretty well, so there are people out there that like that sort of thing. We’ve also been playing it overhead and the best thing about it is the classic tracks. (I’m referring, by the way, to the re-issue of Thriller.) I guess some people might just buy it for the fun and nostalgic appeal, but as far as the new stuff… uggh.

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Sure, I’d buy a new album if it were well produced new material.

The last MJ single released (This Is It) sounds to me like an idea in search of a song…

…like somebody looped a hook.

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