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Tipping landscapers?

Asked by dutchchic (57points) June 14th, 2010

Hi! i am having alot of landscaping done today.. it is a big job. 3 guys and 6–8 hours…. just wondering about tipping? The estimate wasn’t cheap, but i know adding a tip – esp in Texas heat might be the right thing.. also how much is enough?

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Without a doubt, they’ll be happy for anything. 10–20 bucks a piece would do fine.

Even more than cash tips, I know my husband brags on forever about homeowners that offer lunch and iced tea on a long day.

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@Seek_Kolinahr took the words right from my mouth, I know any worker appreciates tea/ drink/ biccies on tap :) We found out what beer our landscapers liked and bought them a slab each this went down very well :)

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thanks! that definitely helps!

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I’ll chime in with the idea of $10 each and a sixpack afterward and/or cold drinks and snacks while on the job.

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My brother is a contractor and he and his men are thrilled when someone tips them (they don’t expect it at all) and if they are offered cold water, snacks, or lunch.
$20 a piece if you can afford it would be great.

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I guess i will be the negative man here with this answer. i agree with supplying bottles of water for the workers. i do not agree with the beer. i did this for a bricklayer one time and he fell asleep on the job. i am amazed he did not fall and kill himself and it would have been my liability for giving him the beer. i have never given a tip to a contractor or landscaper. i really don’t think they are expecting it and their fee for services is usually high enough to cover a tip.

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Giving them the beer after the job is completed would appear to be a good idea.

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A tip, as I think of it, is a reward for a job well done. It would appear you rewarded your mason a little too early.

I think a cheeseburger and a glass of iced tea after 4 hours of labor, and a Guinness at the end of the day, isn’t uncalled for. Though, my personal philosophy is no one should cross my threshold without being fed. I wouldn’t even consider not offering food and drink to someone visiting or working at my home.

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Offering cool drinks is a nice thing to offer. Tipping?

Landscaping is not cheep. That is between the employer and the workers.

If landscaping means cutting the grass twice a month, and they have been doing a good job.
Nothing wrong with tossing them something for Christmas.

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Seek Kolnar, maybe i did put the cart before the horse in the beer situation. this was my wifes uncle and i guess i put too much trust in him. learn a lesson from that.

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Already learned. I never hire family. ^_^

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Me, neither. never again. its almost as bad as selling your used car to relative. you will never hear the end to the complanints about that car.

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I take the opposite point of view. Landscapers are professionals, landscaping bills are very high; I would no more tip a landscaper or the guys who plow and mow than I would my attorney or tax preparer or doctor.

At Christmas I give my loyal housecleaners a big cash bonus.

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My family owns a landscape firm and in all of the years that we have been in business, I can count on one hand how many times our crews have received tips. Landscaping is expensive and our crews are paid well, therefore we do not expect any of our customers to tip our crews. However, as other people have indicated, even though they carry their own lunches/drinks, the crews always appreciate any offer of ice cold drinks and snacks, but please, no beer. Enjoy your new landscaping and remember the key to it’s survival after the inital installation is a lot of water (check with your installer for the recommended amounts for your region).

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Enjoy your new landscaping and remember the key to its survival after the inital installation is a lot of water.

Keeping the gardener (that would be me) hydrated is also vital.

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@all I gave beer as a tip not as a refreshment during the day, sorry for the confusion! I provided cups of tea, cold lemonade, coke etc.. and biccies during the day The beer was most deserved at the END of the day :)

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Yes, tip the workers. Also make sure you ask for their business card to pass on to interested friends and neighbors. If they know their work will be used as an example for more work, they will do their best.

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hooray! the yard looks great! thank u all for all the input.. it really helped!
I did all of the above, i think… water, lunch and a tip ( no beer saved that for
they were not expecting any of that and were sooooooo thankful..
ya’ll are awesome!

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