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How difficult are very difficult tasks to the highly skilled?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10191points) June 14th, 2010

Sometimes, I really do not like to be bothered with others.

So, this made me wonder. When a task seems impossible some imagine that whoever they would incite to action will not be able to overcome their antagonism.

How foolish.

Or again, if one is going to take out the trash, and the trash warns that another bag of trash will be an impediment on the way, will not both bags of trash be taken out, and should the first bag of trash wonder at this?

marvel of marvels.

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Sorry, but that question, with its disparate multiple parts and the video that seems to connect to nothing but a barroom brawl, makes no sense to me.

Skilled people learn some difficult tasks very easily, others with a great deal of hard work, and some never.

Talking trash bags are unrelated to this issue in my universe..

Or what @Seek-Kohlinar says.

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Uhm… I’m pretty sure the answer is :
Blue. Red’s not a number. And only on Tuesdays.

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Waves hand in the air
I got it! I got it! Is the answer “42”?

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I would have accepted Blue 42

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I love the siblings to this question; particularly the one about liking Geroge Bush! A difficult task indeed.

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Highly skilled people are generally adaptable people which is how they gained their skill sets. I am one of those kind of people that are pretty prepared all the time and am also quite adaptable and resourceful. So if on my way to the garbage can I am attacked by another bag of garbage I would have no trouble defending myself against that marauding hefty bag and swiftly dispatch it to the receptacle.

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A dumbass takes the garbage out,while the evil genius sits back and smiles.

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Here is the answer you are looking for.

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yes, I believe yarnlady doth follow.

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