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Is a Ragdoll Cat Really Different from Other Cats?

Asked by Aster (19007points) June 14th, 2010

Do you have a ragdoll cat? If so, what is it you like about it? If you do not, but know someone who has one, how does it seem different from other breeds?

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I’ve heard it’s the breed’s especially easy-going temperament and tendency to flop when you pick them up that distinguishes them from other cats. Otherwise, they look like any other Persian/Angora/Burmese mix to me.

I wish I weren’t allergic.. They’re quite pretty!

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My girl flops all over the place and she is not a rag doll. They are very beautiful, but that behavior is not breed specific.

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They are known for their relaxed and easygoing temperament. They are generally recommended for families with young children.

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This is my new guy ( in my avatar )

He is very mellow and soft pawed and super lovey…. head butter, likes to stuff his face in the crook of your arm, drools, falls over on you and likes to actually be on top of your body. lol
He looks Ragdollish to me, but, I was told he is half Siamese and alley cat…so who knows.

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@Coloma He is adorable.

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I like Siberians best. They seem to think they are dogs. I’ll walk in the door to a friend’s house and her cat usually rolls over splayed on it’s back wanting me to scratch its belly; just not as afraid of humans. Not as… cat like. And with their little unique hunter cluck.

Or maybe it’s because the cat is 100% indoors.

Are Siberians known for being “ragdoll” type cats?

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