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Any tips on taking care of a Flowering Maple Abutilon (Abutilon hybrid)

Asked by Jude (32134points) June 14th, 2010

Just discovered it and I love this damn plant.

This is the one that I just picked up, the Abutilon Marion.

This plant makes me freakin’ happy. The color is beautiful and it’s just so me.

Any tips?

(care to share your favorite plant? Plants and flowers make this chica happy)

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Here is a link with a lot of good, solid information.

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Thanks, P.

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Do you want plants that will survive your Canadian winter? The flowering maple likes zone 8 so would have to be brought in before the first killing frost.

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@gailcalled I’ll bring it in. I keep my two Hibiscus indoors during the winter months.

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@jjmah: So, your lower back is still behaving itself. Lucky you.

Check out also the lovely Mandavilla.

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I’ve grown a Datura from seed and am anxious to meet it’s flowers. Hopefully it will stay alive in my house thru winter and grow and grow.

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@faye : Start doing your lower back exercises. If it takes and if it flowers, the Datura will eventually need a really large and thus heavy pot.

Remember also, if you don’t already know, that all parts of the plant are toxic. Keep out of reach of kids and animals, and if you touch it, wash your hands.

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@gailcalled I’ll have to hire a pot carrier for that. No I didn’t know it was toxic. Thanks.

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