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Where can I buy lemon verbena in the Bay Area?

Asked by occ (4176points) March 17th, 2008

I love lemon verbena herbs, which I make into a tea…but it’s really hard to find it at the farmer’s market. I got a whole bunch of it that was in my friend’s CSA box and now I’ve used it up. Is there anywhere else I can buy it? I have access to a community garden so if anyone knows where it could buy a small plant of it, I could plant it in my garden. I checked the gardening center at Home Depot but they didn’t have it. Or, if there is a market where it is sold cut, I could dry it myself…

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do you only want fresh? I swear they have a huge bin of it (dried) at rainbow…...

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try whole foods?

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where is your community garden? i am looking for one to join.

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Mine is the Koshland garden between haight and Page on Buchanan.

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