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Paint in dog coat?

Asked by kb1818 (30points) June 14th, 2010

I have a full bred German shepard. I was doing a painting project today with white house paint and he got into it. He hasn’t ingested any but it is all over him. This includes his coat, wiskers, ears. What can I do to help get this off? Water isn’t working to well and brushing his coat out is not working either. Help!!!

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If it’s latex paint, regular old Dawn dish soap should do it. Soak him well, scrub it in, and try to comb as much of it out as you can (gently!) before rinsing.

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Also, if it is latex paint, it will come off pretty easy when it dried, using a comb.
I don’t know though, if there are any toxics in (latex) paint that could harm the dog.
Maybe other Fluther users know?

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I know. Bring that dog down here, and dip it in some oil, and turn it in to the clean up. They’ll get that dog good as new!!!

No but seriously, maybe you could look into what they are using to clean up the wildlife.

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If it is an oil based paint use more oil to remove it.

Oil based paints will soften with the application of cooking oil (olive oil works best).

Massage it into the areas with the paint and let it sit for about 30 min… then follow with a regular dog shampoo and the paint should come out in the bath.

If any is remaining, continue to re-oil the spot until it weakens its hold on the hair.

If you have to give more than a few baths be sure to follow up with a conditioner and allow it to sit on the skin for 5 mins min. so you don’t have a pooch with dry irritated skin.

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“you could look into what they are using to clean up the wildlife.”

They are using DAWN DISH SOAP. :-)

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The oil worked great on the ears and wiskers!!! I had the blue dawn dish soap which worked really well on his coat! 2-in-1 deal, hes rid of paint, and smells good!!

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@kb1818 * * * Y A Y * * * Thanks for the update.

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Super update :-)

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