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Who is ready for the Zombies?

Asked by Jay484 (1555points) June 14th, 2010

I know some of you won’t belive. I say that zombies are going take over the earth. And if you do good for you, are you ready for it?? What weapons will you take and who will you take with you when the zombies come?

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What the gals from Sex & the City are coming to town!!!!? Shhhhhiiiiitttttt!! Better grab myself some iron boxers & a fast car outta dodge.ARRRRRGH!!

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LOL yes…. no i mean the brain eating ones like in left 4 dead (but the don’t run because then where all scrwed)

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Doh I know what you meant, err yeah i’m going to go with the pool cue & cricket bat combo, served me well so far anyhoo.

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no ranged weapon?? and who would come with you and how many people

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There is no such a thing as zombies, they are only regular people whose been half-digested, and threw up by Chuck Norris!

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I got my MIL to cover my back as she will repel the most evil of undead with just her stare.

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Only if they’re doing “Time of the Season.”

“What’s your name? Who’s your daddy? Is he rich like me?”

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We’re on the third floor so we’re set for a little while there. Chop out the stairs etc. We’re a bicycle household so we’re set on quiet transpo that can be fixed on the fly. Weapons well, sword is fairly good for hacking off bits that get stuck in doors. Pikes are good for mid range. We have more weapons for up close fighting and we need to expand.

Beyond that- we’re good. Can you tell this is a game our friends play a lot?

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I’ll go hide in the U.S. Congress building. It’s already full of zombies, so perhaps the invading hordes won’t notice me…

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

M1A for distance, M1911 for short range, Conan sword for up close and personal.

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Twin Katana. Solo. My parter is an autonomous camera robot to film my awesome moves that I use to dissect the zombies. Maybe dual MP7 for backup. I would have to refresh my Gun Kata for that though.

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well I would take my .22 and a sowrd and find a good spot and stay there untill winter then move out again

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You don’t need much more than a plunger.They’re really not that scary.

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They won’t bother me, I AM one of THEM!

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The only weapon I have around here is a garden shovel. But that’s ok, because in World War Z the weapon that finally beat Zack was the lobotomizer, basically a shovel with sharpened edges. I’d use my bike to get around, because it’s a lot quieter than a car and I don’t have to worry about running out of gas. I’d set out with my friend Roxanne, because she’s pretty genre-savvy, so I’m sure she has all this anti-zombie stuff around.

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I cant wait!

I get to kill them or become one.

It’s a win win situation.

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I’ve been gorging on cheesy zombie movies the last few days. I just watched Hide and Creep yesterday. I’m almost out of crackers.
I already have a safe looking building scoped out on industrial parkway. I’ll need a stash of MRE’s, rifles with scopes and lots of ammo. Also, some bats for close range action, night vision goggles, and a reliable truck.
I don’t plan on being part of any group, because there is always one or two idiots who, because they’re stupid, manage to get everyone else killed. Forget it, I’ll keep my kids with me and everyone else can go find somewhere else to hole up. Don’t come banging on my door with the ravenous hordes breathing down your neck and expect me to open up and save you. The best I’ll be able to do for you is shoot you in the head so you won’t be eaten alive.

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You can all waste your time preparing for a fictitious Zombie event.

I am getting ready for an event that its looming on the horizon. The one that involves a very serious, very real threat from which there is no escape.

The Chimpacolypse.

All it takes is a couple of genius chimps to rally the troops folks and then it’s game over man. I’ve cut down all the trees around my house and carefully mapped out where the land mines will go.

This here is one set of face/fingers/genitals that won’t get ripped off.

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@Trillian Exactly. I might trade with you but you’re not joining our group. I’ll throw you some food or ammo maybe. Thing is tho- you’re going to need some more silent weapons, assuming that zombies are attracted to sound. Even a silencer is loud.

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@Blondesjon Ooooo. You just might be the person to ask after all these years. Do you remember a movie about some bone headed scientists in an isolated place (of course) with some chimp test subjects who smarted up and started picking off the scientists one by one? All I can really remember of it for sure is the last guy looking up at a door (with a tiny, slit window) closing him inside somewhere, and then a monkey looking in at him from the outside. What was the name of that dang movie?
@gemiwing Fair enough. I don’t care about the noise because they can NOT get into my building, and they’ll eventually go away. Make sure you keep an eye on those twitchy idiots in your group. At least one of them is going to go crazy and start raising a ruckus, attracting zombies from all points of the compass. When they start to spaz you already know that they’ll bring the hordes down on the rest of the group. Remember this idiot? Flash me a signal with a mirror as a last resort and I’ll pick him off for you, thus ensuring the safety of the rest of your group.

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@Blondesjon – Eddie Izzard has warned us! Will we not take heed?

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He is 100% correct! We’ve taught them to pilot our spacecraft for Christ’s sake!

They have THUMBS people! THUMBS!!!

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@Trillian It’s a deal- I’ll flash the mirror three times, pause and then two times. Shoot the fugger before he gets us first! lol

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If you type “zombies” into the search bar, you’ll see that you are apparently not alone.

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I’m with @stranger_in_a_strange_land.

I mean literally – I want to be with him and his weapons when the zombies come.

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I’ve been ready the day I was born. The only reason I exist is to cleanse the Earth of the Undead when they rise, and rise they shall.

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I just read World War Z. I am totally prepared for survival. I think that book covered every possible scenario for escaping a zombie attack, as well as the many ways they can be destroyed. As long as the zombies are the dumb, lumbering type and not the freaky fast super zombies from “I Am Legend,” I think we’ll be OK.

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@MissAusten Just our luck – it’s the ones from the Will Smith movie.

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Now that I think about it, I might take those zombies but only if I can have Will Smith along with them.

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His son could kick their ass.

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My go-to zombie killer is Keira Knightly. She has no brains, so they don’t attack her.

I like the quote from Night of the Living Dead director George Romero, that Zombies are the Wile E. Coyote’s of the monster kingdom.

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I <3 Will Smith.

There was a cool idea in the book “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.” People planted fields of cauliflower, which the zombies mistook for brains. When the zombies attacked the cauliflower, they were easy pickings. Finally, a good use for cauliflower!

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Two words: bacon.

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Head to the nearest museum.

Nick a suit of armour.

Grab a sword.

Go zombie hunting.

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I’m going to hide in a walk-in refrigerator at a grocery store until they all starve to re-death. It’ll be cold, so they can’t smell me. The rest of you can fight.

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Dude. Cal-Effing-Ranch. like home depot meets wal-mart meets military surplus Bring it, undead horde. I’m set for life.

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Seriously. Bacon.

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@MissAusten I like cauliflower. Just saying.

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pea shooter… plants vs zombies….I know what to do. magic mushrooms. magnets, etc

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@Seek_Kolinahr except the wont starve to death DUH there zombies they don’t need to eat there walking corpses

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Then why are they so hungry?

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That’s one reason Keira Knightly would be so effective.
If beauty were brains, she’d be Einstein.
If brains were beauty, well, she’d be Einstein.

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Bring ‘em on. They’re likely the easiest two-legged predators to deal with.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I got your back, buddy, i.e. I’m right behind you. (Don’t let the Picard mask fool you – zombies scare me.

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@zenele Grab what you need from my arsenal, anything from a broadsword to a .500 Nitro Express.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I googled the .500 – I’ll have one of those. Is this YOU in the photo by any chance? That’s a BIG gun.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@zenele An awesome pistol, but not mine. I’ve got a Holland and Holland double rifle, vintage 1906, purchased new by my great-grandfather for a safari in German East Africa (now Tanzania). 2½ tons of muzzle energy; it has an interlock to prevent both barrels being fired simultaneously (would rip your shoulder off). New Norma ammo is $20 a shot. It leaves a bruise every time it’s fired, no matter how much padding on your shooting jacket.

My Barrett M82 (.50 BMG) is actually more than twice as powerful, but the gas action makes the recoil quite tame. Since I get first pick, you’re stuck with the old H&H.

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Guys, guys. Please. Can we just lay them on the table, measure them and be done with it?

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