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Is there any trick or hiccup involved in faxing a document on a legal-sized sheet of paper?

Asked by kevbo (25644points) June 14th, 2010 from iPhone

I haven’t dealt with faxes in a good while. If I need to fax a legal sheet, what comes out on the other end?

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To play it safe, I would reduce doc to fit on 8½×11 and let the recipient enlarge it. How many faxes that you might fax to are equipped with both sizes of paper and have the ability to switch on receipt of input?

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It depends on both faxes. If you are faxing to a fax machine, then it will probably come out as two 8.5×11 sheets. If the recipient is receiving it on a computer, they might be able to handle it as is.

The trouble about reducing it to fax it, is that the quality of the fax suffers when it is enlarged, but not reduced.

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@MissA that is true. However, if both parties can eFaxn there is no problem.

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@anartist True…but, she said “a piece of paper”, so I figured they were not efaxing.

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