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Are your taste buds drawn to sweet or savoury tastes?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21514points) June 14th, 2010

Which of the two is closer to your favorite taste, are your tastebuds drawn to sweet or savoury tastes?

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Sweet :)
I’ll even frost a steak.

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Savory over sweet. Sweet without much flavor is unsatisfying.

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Savoury. Never been much for sweets, though I will eat them every so often.

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I question the Boolean connector.

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Neither one over the other. I like a variety of tastes.

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@janbb It was an effort at emphasis. I am so sorry, thanks for pointing it out.

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Savoury. I’m really not a fan of sweet things at all, and I only eat them if I’m having an attack of hypoglycemia.

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@ZEPHYRA It was an attempt at humor; not meant as a snide remark.

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Both but if I am hungry I crave savoury.

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I enjoy savoury for most of the time. I would never go to a supermarket specifically to purchase something sweet. It would always be savoury.
Just occasionally I will eat something sweet – perhaps while out for a meal or at a dinner party.

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