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What can I do with all these cherries?

Asked by wilma (16432points) June 14th, 2010

My son and I have picked two buckets of tart cherries.
I have a pudding/cake in the oven right now, that barely made a dent in my abundance of tasty red fruit.
Any suggestions on ways that I can preserve them, cook with them, or use them fresh?

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A tart cherry pie is delicious if you’re willing to pit.

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You can send it to me! Oh, I’m so jealous. Cherries are expensive down here.

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Preserve them…all of them!! YUM! Lucky!!!

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Dried tart cherries are wonderful in salads.

Cherry vinegar.

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Oh! Soak them in Goldschlager. Mmmmm.

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tart? You mean not those deep red Bing cherries but some other kind you can’t eat with your fingers? If they’re not pitted I wouldn’t use them unless I could just eat them all day.

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You make cherry marmelade.

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Build a slot machine?


You can always freeze them if you don’t use them all. Just wash them before you do, and place in clear plastic baggies while still a bit wet. That’s what we do with rhubarb, and they keep for months.

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If they start to go bad, turn them into wine. I make applejack, sometimes, which is laughably easy to do. Get a bucket. Put a bunch of over-ripe fruit in it (cherries in your case, apples if you’re making applejack), a kilo or two of sugar, and a packet of bread yeast. Fill with water. Cover it lightly with a piece of cardboard or plastic or something (to keep the bugs out—but don’t make it airtight unless you want a spectacular explosion) and let it sit for a month. Decant the liquid out through a strainer into bottles, refrigerate the bottles for a couple of days to get the sediment and yeast to settle out, then strain it again and throw away the sediment.

Voila, cherry wine! It won’t be the most subtle-tasting wine you’ve ever had, but it’s not bad on a hot day and it’ll get an alcohol content of 10–15% (depending how much sugar you added).

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Thanks for all the good suggestions.
@Seek_Kolinahr Goldschlager?
They are the tart red cherries, I have two trees.
I’m sharing them with the neighbors and the birds.
I will have to pit them, but I don’t want them to go to waste.
I’m thinking of saving the pits to make one of those warming bags. (like a rice bag)

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Oh yes. Goldschlager-soaked cherries are a must have for Gasparilla. (Pirate themed festival that happens around here every year)

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@Aster They are not a Dark sweet but also not too sour to eat fresh as is, no sugar needed.

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I wish I had your problem, we are paying an arm and a leg for cherries. If I had too many, I would freeze any I couldn’t use in one day, and use them at a later time.

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Do you have an ice cream maker? If you do, you can make Cherry Sorbet. I make it at least once each summer when cherries are in season. Yum!

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Oh, gods… @MissAusten you’re killing me. WANT.

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Cherry cobbler, and cherry pie yummy!
Where are you at, for cherries to be in season? I’m jealous!

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Can them for making cobblers, tarts and pies later.

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@shego Michigan

@MissAusten I don’t have an ice cream maker, but that looks really good.

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I <3 cherries. just bought a pint yesterday. they are good for diabetes.

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are you willing to part with them? in that if you can’t use them all you could always sell them, or give them to some local charity….

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Nobody has mentioned cherry jam or jelly!

Jar some up and give away at the holidays!

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There are lots of things to do with cherries. Cherry cheesecake, cherry pie, cherry ice cream, tarts, jelly, jam, syrup, juice.

Or My favorites, use them to make wine or cherry wheat beer.

You can also pit them and freeze to use later.

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You said the ‘C’ word.

Cheesecake….dastardly you are, talk about hitting below the belt!

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Clafoutis.. tart cherries are a must for making this dessert authentically, which I would like to make but unlike you do not live in a place where they grow. Cherry strudel ( or even better, which I would also like to make. You give some to me and then we would both be happy. :)
There´s a website that helps you with different ingredients, called However, I looked up cherries on that page and it only mentions compote and jam.

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Oh and the clafoutis MUST have UNpitted cherries to be authentic, which is great if you´re not in the mood of pitting…
In general, though, to use up your cherries, based on my experience with fruit surplus (guavas, oranges, mangoes, and limes), I would vote for preparing lots of jam, freezing some of the fruit, and the canning option someone mentioned sounded good but I´m not familiar with it yet so am not sure how it works.

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