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Look who's in the mansion now!

Asked by syz (35647points) June 14th, 2010

It’s Seek! Let’s make it a costume party this time! Congratulations!!

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Congratulations Seek!

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Seek! and you shall receive!

WTG and congo rats! Great googlie wooglie! What a fine accomplishment!

I loved your name since the first time I read it!

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Yay! Congrats @seek_kolinahr! Fluther is lucky to have you.

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Congratulations on 10,000! Were it only redeemable for a real Star Trek communicator, or something, we’d surely get it for you! :D

Thank you for being here!

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Wow! Terrifc work, @seek!

You are one of the brighter lights in our firmanent.

Mazel Tov on the 10K!

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:D Congrats!
You’re a favorite of mine; I just adore your responses. Very intelligent and down-to-earth, I always respect what you have to say. Keep it up!

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Yay! Thanks everyone!

And to show my appreciation as a true member of the “collective”, I’m going Borg today!

yay, photoshop!

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champaign for all
Congratulations @seek kolinahr! You have really added to the collective and I find your questions and answers refreshing.

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You have been assimilated! Resistance was futile!

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YAY! Congratulations!

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Congratulation and congratulation! You really deserve that.

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Lurve for everyone! Where’s the Guinness?

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My goodness! ;)

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I knew it would happen today. Yay! You are one of my favorite newer Jellies. Congrats. You deserve it.

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Congratulations and cheers to you Seek_Kolinahr!!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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I haven’t been this excited about new blood in the mansion since I was filled with the plak-tau and completed my first kun-ut kali-fi!

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Congratulations @Seek_Kolinahr!!!

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I think I’m feeling a bit of the Pon Farr coming on…

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Congratulations! Now, let’s go shoe shopping. ;)

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Finally a Vulcan in the house!

Congrats! Glad you made it.

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So happy you found your way to Fluther. Congratulations Seek! :D

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YAY – congrats!

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Hoo rah! Congrats to you!

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Congrats…no Guinness, but it’s California Corona time!

This Cerveza’s for you!

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It’s only logical you would arrive at the mansion eventually what with your wit and honesty. Purely logical.

Congratulations. May you lurve long and prosper fine jelly.

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Grats Seek :)

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And may the force be with you!
phooey on your Trek nonsense :D

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You have the coolest kid (I remember you posting a video of him singing metal).

Cool mama and a smart jelly to boot. Congrats, @Seek_Kolinahr!!

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Yay! Congratulations!! :)

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Congratulations! I offer you Guinness and Food!

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You lived long, and now you have prospered. Congratulations!!!

As a fellow trekker, I must tell you I laughed very hard at your borg picture. :)

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I’m sure congratulations are in order.

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one of my faves too! congratulations!!

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Way to go!!!

Your suite is an observatory in the penthouse!


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SEEK SEEK bo BEAK!!! guinness to my fave sci fi princess!!!! welcome home….with you and the kittens…..

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WAY TO GO SEEK!!!!! You’re finally here! I have a private stash of craft beers and single malt in a special hiding place in the library.. we’ll talk.

Enjoy your party!

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Congratulations, Seek! You’ve been a great addition to Fluther. :D

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Congratulations! I’m very happy you made it to 10k- well deserved!

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Congratulations Seek! A very well deserved milestone.

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Congrats Seek!

Are you going to make any changes to the mansion?

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Congrats on the 10 grand Seek! Lots of great comments keep up the great work!

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Congratulations @Seek! You are a great addition to the Collective.

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Congratulations milady!.Another successful assimilation into the Collective. Have a Guiness!

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Thanks again, everyone!

@BoBo1946 – First thing: Replicators. Because sometimes you just need a synthesized Romulan Ale. Next – Holodeck. ^_^

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Congratulations, @Seek_Kolinahr !!!

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Live long and prosper, young Jelly. Oh yeah, congrats on 10K also. You deserve it.

Love the Borg photo but I’m glad you’re a member of OUR collective :)

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Congratulations! Well done!

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Auguri Lady A! LL&P! Sorry to show up so late. You just sit there and recuperate, I’ll just take my shame into the kitchen and start washing up. Congratulations anyway, nice to see you here in the hallowed manse!

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Well Done!!!

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Great job Seek, nice work :-)

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McCoy here. Congrats you green blooded devil!

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Cogratulatons!! ♥☻☺♠♣♦•◘◘○♥

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@Val123 what do the squares with a hole in it mean?

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They mean I hit alt 8. That’s all!

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oh, glad you cleared that up….would have stayed awake all night!

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I should have made something up! Alt 3 gives you hearts, so I wanted to see what the other numbers in conjunction with the alt key did. Also, there are key combinations like ╚ is 456, and § is 789.

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lot of love shown on this question! (more than usual on a congrat question)

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I love love stories, don’t you?

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Better late than never! Congratulation @Seek_Kolinahr!!! Keep on lurving!

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Oh wow, that’s awesome!! I remember when you arrived and glad that you stuck around. You managed to get to 10K so quickly… no surprise though really you have been a fantastic contribution to Fluther :D

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I was looking for the party and missed it because @Seek_Kolinahr wasn’t in the headline of the question. Sorry I’m late and I offer my usual salutation:

Helllooooo up there, its me down here….CONGRATULATIONS!!

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Congratulations, Spock girl. I hope you find what you seek.

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Wheeeeeeeew. Always seeking wisdommmmmmmmmmmmm.

This is so yotta, zetta, exa, peta, tera, giga, mega cool ! !! !!! !!!! !!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!

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