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For a high school, would a duo of mascots be unfair?

Asked by RocketSquid (3465points) June 14th, 2010

In whatever imaginary world mascots inhabit, would it be fair for one high school to have a duo of mascots, instead of just one? How would this be fair in a dramatic game of basketball between mascots? Could it be symbolic of, well, anything to have two mascots instead of one?

Obviously this is in some kind of imaginary world where mascots matter, I doubt having two mascots would make a real highschool basketball team that much better than another with only one.

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Only if the mascots were paired in a theme

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We kind of had two mascots.

Our school mascot was originally a car – the Mustang Cobra, to be exact. A few years after it opened, it was changed to the snake. Sure, the Cobra snake was on the letterhead, but it was a gigantic red and gold Mustang that was painted on the common room ceiling. (and to add to it, when the elementary school was built next door, their mascot became the Mustang. The horse of course, but they kept the spirit alive!)

It was kinda neat – the school mascot being a car.

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One mascot costume is expensive enough, how could they afford two?

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@YARNLADY The schools where I live would pay for it. But not for new books, better cafeteria food….

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Only if the mascots were paired in a theme

The Fightin’ Mac & Cheese!

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