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Is user Squirbel some sort of super hero?

Asked by eambos (8899points) March 17th, 2008 from iPhone

He has an answer for everything!!! I’d be graced by a post from him, LOL

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Yes! The Squirble is a SUPER-HEROIN! She has the power equivalent to 1,000 squirrels and 10,000 gerbils multiplied by Mr.T to the sixth power!

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I heart you too! But I’m just another jellyfish…

Flagging only because it’s not a flutherlike question and semi embarrassing :D

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yes. She is sponsored by Chuck Norris .

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hairypalm is a vililian…

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Squirbel is one of my favorite gals on this site… Sadly a squirrel/gerbil hybrid cannot legally run for President. I don’t see why not seeing that we’ve had a test rat in office for the last 8 years.

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ha ha, very sorry. If fluther makes user moderators you would be a good choice.

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my score is so low…

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Nah I pass on being a mod. I just like answering stuff – it gets off some excess energy. I don’t even offer my opinion IRL unless someone asks directly.

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Short answer: Yes. Long answer: yeeeeesssssssss.

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I like squirbel’s answers. Others have the answer to everything and the solution to nothing! You go girl!

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she a girl isn’t that amaaaaaazing. Lol yay.

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squirbel’s answers to questions make sense. So yeah, Squirbel is pretty cool.

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