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Do people still 'Job shadow'?

Asked by Blackberry (31047points) June 14th, 2010

We did that in high school, I worked with Bank of america for a few weeks and sat at a computer all day and essentially hit ‘yes or no’ concerning some customers status’ but I don’t remeber what for lol…..

Is it appropriate to ask someone if you can shadow them to see first-hand what one would be doing in a particular field?

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Yes, we have library school students shadowing us all the time.

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Yep, people still do it. I was required to do this for one of my college courses. Not only does it show interest on your part, it shows that you really wanna get to know what you’d be doing, which I’m sure many employers appreciate.

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Absolutely, and it can be very helpful. In law school, they set us up (it was optional) with different lawyers around town to job shadow for a day and get a feel for different areas of law. What things look like day to day isn’t something you can know until you try it.

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Although I assume there are some jobs you simply can’t shadow, like a psychiatrist or white house security guard or something?

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They do here in Northern California. They also have high school level internships which last several weeks. My niece did an internship with Joan Embery at her ranch in Lakeside CA, and she now wants to study At U. C. Davis

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I worked as a cardiovascular technologist, which required extensive on-the-job training. Shadowing was required as part of the interview process.

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I think it’s appropriate to ask someone if you can job shadow them, but start by contacting the Human Resources Department (if it’s a large company) to see if any such programs are available. Of course it depends what type of job you are interested in. I assume you are referring to a situation in which you would not get paid. My non-profit agency constantly has “shadows” in our office.

On-the-job-training is a very different matter – if you are in an OJT situation, you have already been hired and are learning the ropes by shadowing an experienced staff member who is assigned as your mentor.

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On take-your-child-to-work day, the Silicon Valley giant I worked for had kids shadowing their parents. They also had interns shadowing people who were mentoring them. Apparently there’s still some benefit seen in the practice. In my job it was pointless; there was nothing to see.

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We do it in my high school

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I haven’t seen it in a while but my moms friends kid did that a few months ago and he’s in high school.

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