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What are good protein brands to buy? (powder form)

Asked by CsC (138points) June 14th, 2010

Im going to start drinking protein shakes every morning, and was wondering if anyone has a favorite type/brand?

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i tried some vannila stuff from walmart terrible!
So i looked around got cyto gainer its taste good and cheap 6lb for $35 from

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Garden Of Life

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MRM Metabolic Whey (vanilla) is choice

Don’t be afraid of eggs and meat in the morning as well for your protein.

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Muscle Milk (also made by Cytosport), any flavor you like. Optimum Nutrition is the most reasonably priced. EAS is also good. BSN Syntha-6 tastes good as well, and they’ve got some exotic flavors. Mocha Frappuccino’s pretty awesome.

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I personally find the whole concept useless. As SOON as you stop taking the stuff for 4 or 5 of 6 days, you’ll lose everything you put on…

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Scivation whey protein is great. Also, It is not true that you will lose gains from protein powder after you stop consuming it, protein of course, comes in various forms- and a protein shake is one of the easiest ways to get your daily consumption of lean protein. If you no longer drink the sakes proteien can come from other things like chicken breast and eggs. Also, whey protein , is a great way to start the day because it keeps you more full longer. Try mixing/blending fresh fruit in it as well, the pairing of the protein and carbs will make you feel energized. Protein shakes are also a great snack, and a great way to refuel after work outs.

windex's avatar is #1 seller on their site.

The chocolate one is fantastic, I just ordered the banana and also the strawberry one. (we’ll see how that goes)

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*edit: I’ve been meaning to add this part also

You can try a vegan one “Sunwarrior”

or the Soy one (it’s green) you can find it at wholefoods.

One of them has almost no flavor at all, which I LOVED.

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