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Whats some good music to listen to while jogging/running?

Asked by bassist_king1 (310points) March 17th, 2008

Anyone ideas/suggestions? probly something to get me pumped, or to keep me going or whatever.

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Eye of the Tiger! Just hit repeat.

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Well, your favorite style should always be considered, but whatever you do, make sure its upbeat.

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Yeah, definitely something upbeat. What your liking in music taste is should be what you base the songs off of.

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Well, I like a variety of genres, pretty much just what I’m in the mood for. Metal, punk, rock, rap n hip hop, etc.

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Just mix it up then. Make a playlist with all you favorite, upbeat songs.

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Danger Zone

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‘Jogging’ by Freddie McGregor.

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Enter Shikari. just listen from the 2nd song right through to the end

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for some reason, the killers help me through a workout.

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I Ran – flock of seagulls

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I drag out my old Nine Inch Nails albums and throw the most frenetic songs onto a workout mix. For some reason, those just work for me.

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Crazy little thing called love by Queen is suppose to be the best acording to the research that I have done.

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