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What is it when you can be singing in one key and then switch to different keys and keep the right notes to the tune, is this rare?

Asked by voiceoftheking (3points) June 14th, 2010

i have been told that this is perfect pitch, but after reading some of the answers given here, i’d have to say that it isn’t. one time i performed at an outdoor event where the piano had been stored in room connected to the outdoor stage, my pianist said it was out of key, but i had sang the song in key with the piano and had made the song turn out.
i also own a karaoke player (which changes keys) and can sing a song and change keys in the middle of it, keeping the melody line correct, sometimes without stopping, just sliding right into the new keys melody. and i do this sometimes 3–4 key changes in the same song. these are not key changes built into the song origionally.

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Could it be that you’re singing in harmony?

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Perfect pitch is the ability to hear a tone and say what note it is in the absence of any external reference. What you are describing is relative pitch.

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Are you an excitable boy?

Oops, that was Warren Zevon.

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It sure sounds like modulation. Most singers can change key in the middle of a song without issue. It has nothing to do with perfect pitch. That is not to say changing keys isn’t good practice to developing your ear. Make sure to change keys down as well as up and to change to random intervals.

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I’d call that talented myself.

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A good sense of relative pitch is not all that uncommon—compared to perfect (absolute) pitch, which is rare even among musicians. Changing keys in the middle of a tune comes naturally to most musicians, who can sing or play the correct notes of the melody regardless of the key or starting pitch.

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yes I believe it is modulating! (nice one @jeruba)!

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it’s a good sense of pitch…...not perfect pitch, or singing with the out of tune piano would frustrate you to no end. @gasman is right on it

a good singer should be able to sing in tune. with themselves… out of tune piano is harder.

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