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What do you do to turn on your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Asked by boobabylove01 (11points) June 15th, 2010

Before sex, to get your boyfriend or girlfriend in the mood? What do you do to turn them on?

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Before. Way before we can actually do it, I let her know that it’s inevitable, and that it possibly could happen right here now amongst our friends (if she does not mind me). She also likes “big kisses”, which endlessly amazes me. Let’s put it this way: she likes to be “taken”. She likes to be told exactly what I’m thinking (or not) just before I do it. And that’s OK with me!

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I help her do her differential equations homework. Instant sex.

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I make dinner. ;-)

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Flick the switch, it’s located in the small of her back.As long as the battery is fully charged then she’s pretty much good to go.

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I recite the Gettysburg Address in the voice of Foghorn Leghorn.

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That is hot!

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@ChazMaz – One must use that sparingly so as to avoid pesky marriage proposals!

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Are you calling me pesky? ;-)

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I haven’t got one… but if I did…I’d just act all sexy and coy… I’m not sure what that entails though….will have to think about it…. either that or just stare at them cheekily….

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@ChazMaz -Hey,I called you four-score and seven years ago!You never returned my calls!!GOSH!

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Blow her up! ;-) Lol…....

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They love it when you give them gifts, especially if you make a mystery out of it. Blindfold them and let them feel the gift as you take off their clothes.

But usually it’s a massage and lots of attention all evening that works pretty well.

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Roofies and to really get her in the mood a Taser or two.

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Show up

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All I need is just one intent look and he’s there. But more frequently I just need to be in the room and he’s all over me no look required.

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Jiggle the little button.

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@Cruiser I want a date with you my friend ;)

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@stardust <blushes> I should warn you I don’t taser on the first date!

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I dated a girl that loved to suck on my ear lobe-that shit was hot! I, on the other hand, love to kiss a girl’s neck and work my way down. Never had any complaints!

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Depends on what kind of mood I’m in…? playful, coy, or you know, too worked up to bother being playful or coy :-[

Usually, a smile/ slow smirk will do, especially if I bite the corner of my bottom lip while looking up at him through my lashes. And I’m 5’1” so there’s a lot of looking up, haha. Whisper something in the ear, playing with ear lobe (either flicking or sucking or nibbling), then kissing down and along the jawline… nibbling may or may not be involved.

I mean, that’s the easiest way. Ha.

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mwah xx

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