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Should I choose windows phone 7 or iphone 4?

Asked by vamtire (251points) June 15th, 2010

I’ve been looking at windows phone 7 for a while because of its uniqueness and the zune feature but its not even out after so long,not even in the US,i think apple thinks about the rest of the world more since they announced the launch date of Singapore(my home) the day they announce iphone 4 in the US.
Both phone have pros and cons so can anyone give me a good opinion on which to buy?

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Untl they’re both out it would be like comparing ads. If you’re seriously undecided wait for the microsoft one to come out and the pick aftertrying both. If you just want one, then take the one that comes out sooner.

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I think i’ll wait for the microsoft one to be out and compare the price!

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Have you used a phone running Microsoft? (I used the Blackjack) . . . it was painful.

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I’ve never tried using microsoft phones I’ve only used nokia or LG ones.

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I would say go with the iPhone. They have the years of development on the phone behind them already. The product is already great.

The phone will last you a few years, then if you don’t love it (which I wager you will), you can then switch to the Windows phone, which by then will have had more time to develop as a mobile platform (b/c my opinion is that so far, phones running Windows aren’t great)

To tell you the truth, it doesn’t matter which one you get, your mind will condition you to love whatever you choose. People I know who have iPhone love their iPhone and would never want to switch. People who have a Blackberry LOVE their Blackberry and would also never want to switch from that.

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But the user interface and tech specs are different from the old windows phone,it is like a new phone made from the current,modern microsoft from scratch to compete with the iphone with the advantages of zune and xbox live.
Though iphone never disappoints and provide great feature especially the new iphone 4,i would love the film videos and edit with imovie using it.

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I know it’s new, but that’s just the problem, it’s new . . . whereas the iOS has already proven how much potential it has for you to love it.

I have an XBox 360, so I know what you mean . . . but you just don’t know yet.

Like I said, if you go Windows, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. But if you want the guarantee, the iPhone already has the clout.

Oh, and I’ve seen other phones’ “Apps” not the same as the Apple App Store at all! That in itself is worth the iPhone.

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And you don’t want to try an Android phone? I think that’s the best OS out there for smartphones, at the moment.

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@dverhey I never tried android but I can you tell me the good features of android because I feel it is just trying to follow the same path as iphone but not as good

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Eh, in a lot of ways it is, but I don’t necessarily think there’s anything wrong with that.

1) I believe it’s growing and developing than iOS.
Every few months or so Google is pushing a large update to the Android OS with many new features and bug fixes. At the moment, I still think iOS has the edge over Android, but I think that in about 2 or 3 months when Google releases another Android update Android could top iOS. It’s already better at things like multitasking.

2) It’s got the second largest app marketplace.
If you want to buy the iPhone for the apps, I’d look at Android as well. The 3rd party apps on Android right now, although many are not as good as Apple’s offerings, they are certainly better than anything the Windows phone is going to have for years. Plus Google’s offerings like Goggles and Voice (not available on the iPhone) are pretty freaking cool, not to mention useful.

3) Choice of hardware.
There is no iPhone that comes with a hardware keyboard if that is your cup of tea. There are hundreds of Android phones on the market, plus on many different carriers.

4) Choice of carriers.
I love the iPhone, but I hate AT&T. Android is on Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, even AT&T, which means you can have a lot of stuff not available on AT&T such as unlimited data and decent cell coverage.

Hopefully that didn’t read too much like an advertisement, but having an Android phone on Verizon, there’s not much chance I’ll be going back to the AT&T iPhone, no matter how good the actual phone or OS gets.

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I live in Singapore I don’t know about verizon,t-mobile or sprint.
Its true that it is developing fast but it is still the SECOND largest app marketplace though that is good enough.
There are many choice but I am not very good at choosing but I think I still can get a good one.
Talking about google voice I think its pretty awesome too,i just borrowed”google voice for dummy” from the library and will start reading tomorow.I dont know what is goggles.
After hearing what you said,I will seriously consider android,it sounds pretty awesome.

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I would definitely not get the Windows 7 phone, I’ve had awful experiences with all my Windows phones. I would look at Android phones or iPhone 4.

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@vamtire made from the current,modern microsoft from scratch
If that’s the case, go with the iPhone.

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I have used Android. My friend has the Droid. It is a good system. However, just my opinion, it’s not as “fun” as using the iphone. It just didn’t have that fun feel. It felt like using a plain ole phone, but touch screen . . . nothing really special.

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Can you go anywhere and try either of these phones before you buy them?

I agree with @mrrich724, Android is definitely not as polished as iOS, but I’d definitely give both phones a try before you spring a bunch of money on them, much less a 2 year contract.

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How I hope a theres a phone that has zune,xbox live,all iphone apps especially facetime/imovie,has all android apps like google voice!

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@mobilesuk You sound like an advertisement…

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