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What kind of emotions does the song Leroy Brown by Jim Croce inspire in you?

Asked by Kraken (1177points) June 15th, 2010

I loved the music of Jim and am sad that he died so young.
To me this is a quintessential song from his era and he deserves to be honored as this is his hallmark song.

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Is this even a question? I’m high, I don’t care either way.
This song.
I love this song so much. I’ve known the words since I could talk.
I’m not sure what emotions that it makes me feel outside of extremely happy.
All of his work is amazing. Simply stunning at times.

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It makes me think of fun nights out on the town. Drinking with friends and so on. Probably because that’s where I’ve heard it the most.

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It made me happy to see you back on fluther, my wis-buddy.

To answer the question; I know almost all of his songs, and can even play a few.

When I hear one of his songs, anyone of Croce’s songs, I think of his CD “The Final Tour” – and what a great album, what an amazing showman but moreover what a tremendous loss.

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This song actually stirs up lots of emotion for me. When we were kids we used to put the roll on my grandmother’s player piano and sing our hearts out to it. It was the first song I knew all the words to! Those memories make me smile. Whenever I listen to it I think of You Don’t Mess Around with Jim, another story song about the underdog coming through in the end.

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Reminds me and I feel the 70’s.

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Everything Jim wrote was great. He died at almost the moment his work made the big time. A lot of good common sense in his lyrics, like not messing around with people unknown to you.

I prefer a Sykes-Fairbairn fighting dagger in an ankle holster to a razor in my shoe and a Glock 30 in the “pocket for fun”.

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It makes me happy. It’s a fun song. My best friends dad would to sing it to us while we were driving in the car and it always made us giggle and sing along.

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I used to like this song. Now I’m older and more cynical, I have a negative opinion of Mr. L. Brown. I won’t bother to tell you about it because you like the guy.

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I love the songs Operator and Time In A Bottle.
That said, Bad Bad Leroy Brown only inspires me to change the station.

If only he had a song called Bad Bad Leroy Jenkins

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I used to like this song. I don’t anymore, as it reminds me of my step-family – particularly my step-aunt Linda – whom I affectionately called “Linda-lou”, after the girl in the song.

She backstabbed me something fierce when all that stuff went down with my mom back in ‘07.

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“Leroy Brown” is a good song. But “Time in a Bottle” or “Operator” are probably more iconic (in my book.) Whenever I hear Jim Croce….I think “Prom Cover Band”...or my ex-high school boyfriend who would copy his lyrics and enclose them in his love letters. Definitely…I think of the relatively uncomplicated 70’s…when Watergate was the biggest scandal ever (pales in comparison to Bill’s Gap dress or Enron or the bank bailouts). It reminds me of hanging at the Dairy Queen, crisp Friday football nights and turning your ankles in too-high platform shoes.

(P.S. When I later broke up with that hs boyfriend, he scathingly sent me the lyrics to Elton John’s song, “Someone Saved My Life Tonight”—-but really, I saved my own life by leaving.We had a talk about it years later and became friends…all’s well that ends

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It was a very peppy,upbeat,ass beating song.
It would make a great wedding march ;)

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@zenele Thanks for those kind words and yes Picard is my favorite Star Trek captain of all time. SyFy plays TNG for many hours in a row on Tuesday and I can’t wait to watch them all :)

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@SuperMouse That sounds quite cool.

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The songs of Jim Croce that move my emotions are the slower more sensitive songs like “I’ve got a name”, “Operator”, and many more made indelible marks on me during his life and after his tragic early death.

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Off topic: I’m still very much with @stranger_in_a_strange_land in a fight against zombies.

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@zenele Syfy had 3 hours of TNG and BBC America had another hour. I just can’t get enough of that show and if anyone says anything, Picard is the best captain of Starfleet ever, discussion closed. I love that Patrick Stewart is in charge of the FBI for the cartoon American Dad and that he also played Captain Ahab in the remake of Moby Dick. Also did you know that we both share the same birth day as I will turn 38 in July very soon?

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@Kraken Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day.

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@zenele same to you.
Do you play a lot of online games?
I am ranked 6th overall for Gladiatus in server 13.
I have a lot of friends there and also on Tanoth server1 I have more online friends there.
I am Smoke_ on the Gladiatus server. I love that game so much and that is where I spend most of my time.
I love to play all kinds of games: my name should be ‘The Gamester’. If I don’t play a game at least once a day I will go stark raving mad.

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IMDB the Captain, and watch everything on the list (you’re excused from any voiceover work you’re not interested in). You’ll never see a bad movie with Patrick Stewart in the cast.

Also, if you ever buy a book-on-CD, make it his version of “A Christmas Carol”. I laughed, I cried, it moved me.

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@Kev – I haven’t changed. The last time I played a game was when you suggested the boy scout one. I played it a few times. That was ages ago. I just fluther.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Tuesday night is my favorite night on Syfy as I get my fix of TNG.
I just thought that Shatner was a herky jerky schlock of a captain and never compared to the commanding presence of Patrick Stewart.

Moby Dick starring JL P. Or Pat Stewart was great and I love his roll in the Cartoon series American Dad as well.

On an interesting side note, me and Patrick share the same birthday of July 13.
Hmmm, coincidence?

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((BBCAmerica shows TNG episodes every night at 8:00 PM.))

I’ve always said it this way, regarding the Captains:

Scenario: The Enterprise meets a suspicious, strange vessel in Federation space.

Picard: “Open Hailing frequency. This is Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Federation Starship Enterprise. Identify yourself!”

Kirk: “Hi, I’m James T. Kirk, but you can call me ‘Jim’.”

Who would you feel safer serving under?

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Stewart played a great Leodegrance in “Excalibur”, he played Gurney Halleck in “Dune”, he played an ex-CIA agent with Alzheimer’s in “Safe House” (a heartwrenching part), He’s lent his voice to countless animated series and movies and video games…

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@Seek_Kolinahr Who would you feel safer serving under?
that would depend on the color of my shirt.

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That is so easy.

I want to serve under a captain that beams legitimacy and adherence to the Federation guidelines and some guy that acts so colloquial and down-homey as Jim does not stir confidence the way that Picard does.

He is a hard charger but he gives 110% of his soul to his crew and ship.
The old Target joke and the original Star Trek red shirt crewman still holds sway. Kirk was too much of an ego-centric captain and was more motivated to score with green Orion chics than Picard was to put the value of his crew first and to serve Star Fleet to his best potential.

Original Star Trek opening: To boldly go where no man has gone before.
TNG Opening: To boldly go where no one has gone before (sexism has been removed)

Also Patrick Stewart is so commanding and captain-like that the choice is clear.
If you watch the Family Guy episode when Neil Goldman makes a presentation to the class where he presents when Shatner’s stunt double’s cup is in a frame of video and when he is done the teacher reprimands him and says that JLP was clearly the better captain. My case is rested.

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450 people served on the original Enterprise.

43 red-shirted Ensigns were killed. That’s over 10% of the crew, not counting the 7 yellow-shirts, the 6 blue-shirts, and the four or five others.

Ultimately, in three years, Kirk’s wiped out 13.5% of his entire crew with carelessness – including transporting an entire away team to a planet that didn’t actually exist – meaning they transported to the cold vacuum of space!

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@Seek_Kolinahr Your math suffers, but your point is correct.

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That “over” was supposed to be “almost”, but yes, my math skills suck.

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@Seek_Kolinahr LMFAO!!!!!

What a murderer Fatner turned out to be. That’s his new name since he became overweight.
I was shopping for a microwave at Target 3 days ago and it took the greatest amount of self control from asking an original Star Trek question to one of their clerks!

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