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Best workouts/exercises to lose flab on my chest?

Asked by dotlin (419points) June 15th, 2010

My legs are toned my belly almost there but my chest is still the same what should I be doing to lose weight on my chest?

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what foods contain oestrogen? so I can avoid those?

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I’m sure other people will have more in-depth answers but I say push ups and sit ups, and don’t compromise form if you are just gaining strength start low and slow. From there increase the amount you can do.

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Swimming and lots of it!

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get a perfect pushup, it’ll work different muscles in the chest if you use it correctly.

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ooooh, perfect pushup is great.

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If you have man boobs, you can get surgery for that. It’s a pretty basic procedure and not really evasive.

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Flat and incline presses,incline flye,and Cross-bench pullovers should help.

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Cardio – running, swimming, boxing, paddling.

Perhaps climbing.

Weight training – bench press, incline/decline bench, push-ups…any machine that works your pecs.

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Spot reduction is a misconception. Fat is utilized via hormones released into the blood. Where fat is stored is more of a genetic thing.

Example: take Pete Sampras – his right arm is considerably stronger and larger than his left. However, if you measure the fat content, his right will not be significantly different than the left.

Now muscle tone is of course completely different.

I’m with @lilikoi on paddling for that.

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