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Why do our questions end up on

Asked by CMaz (26248points) June 15th, 2010

Was looking around the web came across my Fluther questions on

How is that?

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envidula61's avatar is an Answer Search Engine. You submit question story, we find the best answer link for you from different Q&A websites such as Yahoo Answers,Yedda,eHow,Answers and etc.

It is a good idea to start your question with Who,What,When,Where,Why or How. You can click the blue arrow to vote for the best answer.

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I saw this last year and thought the same thing until I realized what it was. I up arrowed all my questions is that cheating? lol!

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Is it bad that I think my questions from here have gotten a better reception there? What’s that all about, anyway? ;)

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@MissAnthrope I saw that too! What’s up with that?? lol!

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Interesting! Thanks for pointing it out.

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@ChazMaz must be a bad site, my virus protection has “conniption fit!”

i was me——I LOVE YOU MAN !—you are my hero!

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There are a ton of lame sites like this that scrape content off other sites. It’s not legal but I wouldn’t worry about it too much—they have a “pagerank” of zero (out of ten) on Google so when you search for anything they’ll either be dead-last or non-existent on the search results.

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So if they have that low a ranking, what’s the point of having site like that up at all ?

Being so low ranked, I can’t imagine it does enough ad revenue, so why bother ?

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@Buttonstc Judging from the quality of the design and engineering I’d say they probably don’t know what their pagerank is or perhaps even what pagerank is…

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So, if they (presumably) aren’t making money at it, why bother creating a site like that where the entire content is siphoned off of other sites ?

Presumably it costs them something to run this site. I can’t imagine it’s a vanity project. I’m just curious why they’d bother running the risk of a lawsuit over copying the content of others.

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