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What are some novel ideas for an outhouse?

Asked by kevbo (25621points) June 15th, 2010 from iPhone

This one would sit on a slope 200 feet above a river valley.

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A sky-light?

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A” watch your step” sign.

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A doggie door?

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Glass bottom floor?

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Shaped like an iron maiden?

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An “Eject this Guest” button on the outside?

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A miniature of the big house it sits behind.

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200 feet above you say? How about a ski lift…a fast ski lift to get there in a timely manner.

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Styled as a miniature Buckingham palace.

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This one tickles my funny bone and it’s pretty practical too. You can use it to go get groceries or to smoke a ham. Makes an awesome flame thrower.

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A friend of mine rented port-a-potties when she held a wedding reception at her house, so her septic system wouldn’t be overwhelmed. She made one a “ladies” room, and one the “gents”. She went all out and decorated the insides of each in interesting ways. The “gents” room was wallpapered in antiqued newspapers (they looked old and yellowed), so there was always something to read. If I remember correctly, I think she had a container with cigars and matches in there, too.

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Ah, that’s what an outhouse is (thanks @Silhouette ).
I thought it was something like a dacha.

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Put a Bidet in it.

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I would shape it like a rocketship…with portholes. Just cut the front and back panels in the shape of a 50’s rocket and paint it. Of course, use that dark filtered film in the portholes for privacy.

Or, you give it a dome and paint it dark inside and then put stars in it…a planetarium loo!

(I am in an outer space mood today.)

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I’d skip the cobs and put a nice cushy Sears Roebuck catalog inside.

Don’t want this

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I think any of the Dan Brown novels would be suitable for an outhouse—you wouldn’t need the cobs. Sorry—just shittin’ you.

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