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Is the Brazil vs North Korea game being shown live in North Korea?

Asked by Mat74UK (4649points) June 15th, 2010

Just wondering how would we know?

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It’s my understanding (I believe I heard it reported on NPR) that none of the competition will be broadcast live in N Korea, and it’s possible that only games in which N Korea wins will ever be shown.

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I hope so. Their team is not doing bad, to be honest. I hope they win.

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The same thing that @syz said i heard from the Dutch commentator.
Not sure even if many North Koreans have a television to watch it on, in case it is being broadcast.
Supposedly Kim Jong-il has said that if they would beat Brazil he is going to show it to his people.

I agree with @ragingloli .., they are not bad at all.
I have seen much worse these last days.

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I’m kinda rooting for them now!

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Here’s hoping none of their players scores an own goal.They might end up like the Colombian player Andres Escobar.In the 1994 world cup in the states, he scored an own goal against the yanks.This angered drug lords in Colombia who had placed major bets on the outcome of the game, he was shot & killed soon after.Just sayin, that Kim Jong guy he’s wonely & not a dude to be messed with.

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The more N.Korea integrates with the rest of the world the better it will be for everyone. I hope they do well.

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@ucme – Yeah the wife and I were talking about that at the start when that player was crying!
She said “He’s only crying because they’re under threat of death to win and he’s just realised that they can’t beat Brazil”

arpinum's avatar stated that the game will only be replayed if the DPRK team wins. Note that no broadcaster has the rights to show the game, so it will be a pirate broadcast, like the pirate broadcasts they did of the opening ceremonies.

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@Mat74UK I mean in past world cups the teams from Kuwait & Saudi Arabia have been given huge cash incentives to do well.There’s another side to that coin.Wouldn’t entirely suprise me if the poisoned dwarf didn’t have something sinister up his sleeve.

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Why would it matter? Whom do you suppose has a TV besides the elite who can watch anything they please by satellite feed.

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NK just scored a goal. It is now officially the best team in the world.

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Go DPR Korea

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No. I was told there’s a delay. North Koreans will only see the good stuff of their team.

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