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If you won $100 million in the lottery tomorrow, other than not tell any relatives, what would you do with the money?

Asked by boettiger (123points) March 17th, 2008

Within the first 30 days? Within the following 6 months? Within the following year and ongoing?

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I’d tell my relatives. With some I’d even share. Considering I’d live to be say sixty, I’d go on a forty year shopping spree. Oh, but first I’d put back the money for the taxes and put half in the bank to draw interest.

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I’d buy an iPhone. Lol :)

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100,000,000 lottery tickets

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Didn’t we answer this one yesterday?

I’d invest it sensibly, quit my job, and mostly keep on doing what I’m doing.

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Yeah, we did.

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I’d buy SILVER US, Legal, coins. That way I would double my FRN“s and turn that into Silver coins too. Within a year, I’d own this country.

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I’d invest and live off the interest. I would donate the capital when I kick the bucket.

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I’d probably just keep working, and live my life as usual. Maybe make a movie while I’m at it.

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I would buy a few more Mac computers and save the rest of it in the bank until I find a real urge for something new (a house would be nice). I would still keep my job.

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First, I would put the money in a charitable annuities trust, so as to minimize my tax exposure, and then I would launch my new career as a millionaire philanthropist. This isn’t a huge stretch for me, since I used to work for a government funding agency.

Among my charities would be a small research grants program providing $5,000 to $10,000 to graduate students doing their Masters and Doctoral theses. Half of these would be for students working in people-oriented technologies, like solar powered ovens that can be used in the third world where fuel is expensive, or super energy-efficient refrigeration, modeled after the University of California’s Appropriate Technologies small grants program. Supporting graduate student research has the most bang per buck of any research dollar. For example, one $1,000 grant enabled a doctoral candidate in entomology to discover that there were really two species of white fly in stead of one—a discovery worth a potential $100 million in preventable losses in the timber industry.

The other half would go toward social science research to develop and support alternatives to the drug war and mass incarceration. I would endow a couple of professorships in to promote social criticism and human-scale technology, who would administer the grant program after I am gone.

Then, I would go on a pilgrimage to the world’s major holy sites, from Stonehenge to Machu Picchu to Lourdes to Luxor to the Wailing Wall, etc. And, along the way, I would attend technology trade shows and social activist conferences. I expect to meet people whose work promotes social justice that I can support.

I would buy a small villa somewhere in Southern Europe, and another one on the Riviera in Santa Barbara. For a car I would probably buy an Audi R8 or a Lexus LF. And I would live by myself, or occasionally with an agreeable companion. So, I would hire a live-in cook/butler/nurse to look after my health, and a secretary/editor to do things like pay bills, organize my calendar, edit my writing, and screen the people who want to approach me for various worthy causes.

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first I’d buy a “Jelly Shirt”, then travel and never tell my sister!

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I’d buy Fluther and run this place the way I think it should be run. I’d fire every one of those steeenking moderators, that’s for sure! J/K

I really don’t know what I would do with that kind of cash, I’ve never really given it much thought, as I am a realist. Probably blow it on booze, sex toys, and jewelry for the wife.

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I would set up a charitable trust, and hire as many of my relatives as possible to work for the trust.

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I wouldn’t do anything for at least a couple of years. I’d probably invest it in real estate and rent several properties.

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I would start my own science tv station. I would eat real meat everyday and not go hungry. I would pay my rent 50 years in advance just in case I blow all of my money away and need a fall back housing.

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