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A suggestion/alternative to blocking people.

Asked by MissAnthrope (21491points) June 15th, 2010

Okay, so here is my idea. Rather than completely blocking or ignoring a user, which, in my past moderator experience, would be ineffective here, how about an option to not be shown a certain user’s questions?

Because, frankly, there are one or two users whose questions I could completely live the rest of my life without ever seeing.

Whatchoo think?

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It doesn’t bother me enough to be affected by it,so I vote for just not caring :))

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I send you virtual raspberries. Thbthbtbtbtbtbbbbt!

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I just put a strip of electrical tape over them on my monitor….that takes care of the troublesome questions.

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Haha.. but then you scroll and what happens??

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Just try to ignore it the best you could. Sometime some people gave dissatisfied questions but the other time they’ll give you some good question.

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We are grown-ups here. Well… Most of us.

If Fluther causes such great emotional duress. Time to find something else to do. :-)

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I have never found anyone here that distasteful that I would block them. If I don’t want to read their question I don’t click on it. Or as @ChazMaz says, get away from the computer and do something else.

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I never said it causes emotional duress. I merely had the thought that there are a couple of users I could do without seeing their questions…

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Just gather the three lesbians here that have the power to tell the mods to boot annoying people.~

I’ve felt this way about one or two people in the past, luckily for me they are no longer with us. Not a bad idea though, @MissAnthrope.

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@jonsblond hehe, lurve.

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@jonsblond – GA x5 for making me laugh. I wish we could figure out this powerful lesbian cabal.

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I don’t see the need when ignoring the questions one is not interested in will do.

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How about three lesbians and one man?

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@rebbel Sounds like a guy fantasy, all right!

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give them an Fluther ass kicking!

Put Chaz in charge!

Seriously, don’t take it that serious….lot of serious!

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I don’t like those kinds of hear no evil see no evil mentalities. It just seems completely wrong to me. I mean, sure some people are unpleasant, I’m probably one of them, but nothing can’t ever be great, and shutting people out will not solve anything. It won’t solve disputes. It won’t educate anyone. And worst of all, it perpetuates the delusion that one thinks themselves to be right and everyone else is wrong, since said effect is ’‘justified’’ by the fact that you won’t see their activity or whatever.

Blacklists are also incredibly lame an idea for something we’re supposed to call a community.

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I think @Symbeline nailed it with the reference to community. There are folks in my real community that I just endure. I don’t have to endure on Fluther, I can just ignore.

My sense is there may be more to the idea of blocking folks and if enough of us block the same folks (particularly if it is a group of lesbians doing the blocking) that the person might get evicted and I just don’t see that happening.

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But, but…if those users disapeared, who would I be snarky to?

Certainly not the jellies I like.

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I do luv snarky.

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Hey! What’s with the lesbian smack??

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Snarky is why I come here.

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What ever happened to just ignoring questions you’re not interested in?

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@Sueanne_Tremendous Oy, you missed a lot of drama while you were gone. Be glad!

I know there is a blocking function in the works. I’m not sure how exactly it will be implemented, or what exactly it will block, but it may work just the way you describe. Personally, I don’t feel the need to actively block anyone (except maybe to stop them from sending me a PM), but I know a lot of people have requested a blocking function and look forward to using it.

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@augustlan has it. Mostly filtering out the user’s content that you really can’t deal with. More like ‘hiding’ than blocking. Maybe it says “Response removed because you think augustlan is a twit”.

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I feel like my purpose here got somewhat misunderstood. I’m not really worked up, I won’t die or throw a fit, I’m an adult and have always ignored questions of the people who irritate me. I think I generally play very nice and maturely here.

The reason I thought of this is that other jellies keep bringing up the idea to block people. As I’ve said, you can’t really do that here, because of how the flow of threads work. There would be posts missing in a discussion and it’s not a good solution. However, I would not be adverse to not seeing certain users’ questions entirely, and the more I thought about it, the better of a solution it seemed to blocking. I was also unaware that the Powers That Be are working on something to this end. Hence, I made a humble suggestion. Maybe not so humble.. I kind of thought it was pretty good. ;)

@Sueanne_Tremendous – No one is talking smack on lesbians, it’s now an inside joke because a member was asked to leave Fluther and then claimed that “three lesbians” somehow engineered the banning. I’m a lesbian and I find this idea to be beyond hilarity. I am also not part of the cabal… anyone know how I can join?

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@MissAnthrope I want to join it too!

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@MissAnthrope and @Kayak8 I keep checking the mail for my Lesbian Muffia badge from fluther. Maybe they underestimate our cabalness.

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“three lesbians”

What a good name for a web site.

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There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.

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Ask and ye shall receive.

Just waiting for you :)

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“Just gather the three lesbians here that have the power to tell the mods to boot annoying people.~”

I resemble that remark!

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There are block functions being implemented? Dude, lame.

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There was block in – I’d hoped we wouldn’t need it here – with all the moderation. Maybe I’m wrong.

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I am concerned about lesbian gangs.

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@ChazMaz – As you should be.

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Can I be an honorary lesbian? I want to join the gang. ;)

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@augustlan Of course! ;)

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Yay! I’m in. :D

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I always miss all the fun. Darn this time zone thing. Matt – work something out so we can all live in one time zone, please?

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